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Thanks for visiting our website to learn more about CB South Fitness!

We hope that after exploring the information on the website you decide to join us at the gym. We believe that time in the gym strength and resistance training will transfer to a higher level of athleticism on the trail. Whether it be skiing, boarding, hiking, biking, running, paddling, etc. CB South Fitness is here to help you prepare for a life well lived in Crested Butte, Colorado. 

Our fitness center has a variety of free weights and cardio equipment, including the Peloton bike where riders can access thousands of cycle classes online. All levels of athletes are welcome at CB South Fitness - our gym is a judgement free zone. Members can easily access the gym, with their key card, 365 days a year from 5am - 10pm. As you skim through the pages of our website you will learn about the owners, Kristin & Andy King, membership pricing, and member benefits.  Please refer to the membership page where you’ll find a variety of membership types for local residence as well as visitors. 

IMPORTANT - If you are not a member of the gym, the door is locked and you will not be able to get inside.  Please call 970.765.7009 to set an appointment and we WILL meet you AT THE GYM to show you the facility, answer YOUR questions, and get you set up! 

For those ready to get going, please take a minute and sign up for a membership on the website, and we will contact you shortly after to coordinate getting you a key card. 

We are thrilled to offer the Crested Butte, and Crested Butte South community a convenient way to stay in shape every season of the year.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or email at the contact information below.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Strength training a couple of days a week is equally important in the summer months, even when being on the trails seems like the obvious choice. Strength training year round has a variety of benefits including:

  • Strength training will make you toned and fit.

  • Protect bone muscle mass.

  • Decrease chances of injury.

  • Help keep weight off.

  • Will boost your energy and your mood.

  • Has cardiovascular health benefits (lower risk of heart disease).

  • Can help with chronic disease management (including arthritis pain and type 2 diabetes, glucose control).

See our membership page for details

and for membership options!


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It's CONVEnient

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Members can workout anytime they want between 5 am - 10 pm, 7-days a week, 365 days a year! 


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we're in your backyard

With a great location in the Crested Butte South it could not be any easier to get a workout in - no matter how busy life gets, or what the weather may be!

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Frequent New Workouts

Displayed on the walls of the gym for a variety of athletes, we will keep it fresh so that your workouts stay fun!