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What does "Elevate Yourself" mean?

Maybe it's living at 8,600 feet, maybe it's pushing harder and higher to achieve your goals. At CB South Fitness, members can achieve their personal fitness goals to take their inner athlete to the next level. You don't have to compete in the X-Games to fit in, just have a desire to elevate yourself...whatever that means for you.

Hi, I’m Kristin King! My husband Andy and our 4-yr old son Keiran moved to CB South in 2016, after falling in love with Crested Butte during our first visit and camping trip in Cement Creek, 8 years ago. The charm of Crested Butte has resonated with us ever since, and a few years back we started making plans to move here to raise our family.

We get it. The valley has endless opportunities for outdoor fun, but we also felt that a conveniently located and affordable solution to indoor cardio and strength training wasn’t available. For a while now we have been talking about opening a gym, and recognized this as the perfect time, and most importantly, the perfect community to do it.

We believe that as we get older, we can get better. We can elevate our abilities, and grow stronger as a result. The opportunity to improve is unlimited, and by pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone we can continually surprise ourselves.

Our family is excited to be a part of Crested Butte, to achieve our personal fitness goals, and to help our neighbors do the same. We hope that you will be inspired to stay active, to train through those difficult days, to work hard, and stay strong, and to elevate yourself!
— Kristin King