Strength in Numbers: Why having a workout buddy is Awesome!

Hello there!  I thought I’d put together a few reasons why having a friend or partner to workout with may give you an advantage over working out alone.

1)    They hold you accountable to show up

2)    You are likely to work out harder

3)    They can spot you on the heavy stuff

4)    Working out can be more fun, and less rushed

5)    Partner exercises are fun, and a great way to shake up an individual workout

6)    You are less likely to stop going to the gym

7)    You increase the likelihood of sticking to a workout program

8)    It’s a great way to spend more time with friends and loved ones around a busy schedule

With February right around the corner, and Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s natural to think about that special someone.  With that said, romantic partners who support each other’s goals, couples who want more quality time (but have trouble fitting it in their schedules), or anyone looking for a fun, active date, might think about hitting the gym together.  If you think about it, is there any better way to achieve your personal fitness goals this year, than to work out with someone who shares a similar goal?

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