Get Inspired this Year!

Greetings CB South Fitness members.

We have had some new developments over the last couple of days at the gym, and with that comes getting excited about all of the new stuff that'll be offered to you, as a member of CB South Fitness, in 2017. 

Starting this week we will put out a jar on the cabinet that has the label "GET INSPIRED". Members can pick out a quote or saying and keep or replace it back to the jar (it's totally up to you!). These few words may be just enough to help you finish that last set of curls, increase your resistance on the elliptical, try a new exercise that you have never tried before, or give you that extra push to Elevate Yourself and your workout today!

Also, we will have a few snacks at the gym that members can help themselves to. Don't worry, they will be healthy and help give you the energy to keep going! 

There is more coming CB South Fitness members....stay tuned!