Enduro mtn bike racer and now gym girl - Cooper Ott

Hello! My name is Cooper Ott and I am a brand new CB South Fitness member!  I am beyond excited to be getting back in a gym! 

While I was in college I spent tons of time in the gym until I started racing mountain bikes. I was putting in hard training days on the bike and fell off the gym wagon.  Two years ago when I made the switch from XC mountain biking, to enduro mountain biking is when I really noticed that I had lost a lot of strength in my core and upper body.  I was crashing because I could not hold onto my handlebars at the end of the long stages because my arms were so exhausted.  I knew if I wanted to race with the best enduro racers in the country, and in the world I would need to work on my strength.   

Living in Crested Butte I found that it is super easy to go outside and play, whether it is skiing, biking, or hiking.  All of which are a crazy good leg and cardio workout but left me wanting more for my core and upper body.  This fall I am starting a new workout routine, still utilizing our beautiful area for outside activities, but incorporating gym workouts to keep my entire body fit. 

I hope that you will follow along for a look at what I am doing to stay full body fit!

-Cooper Ott

Cooper Ott training exercise and fitness crested butte
Cooper Ott squats exercise gym fitness routine upper body strength.jpg