New info on

Greetings members and future members alike! 

We just completed a bunch of updates on the website and we're pumped to head into Fall with some great new benefits for members.  We are now offering a new 3-Month Unlimited Access Membership for $70 per month!  We also are offering group training with a certified personal trainer for just $25 per session!  Please contact us at 970.765.7009 for more info on our fitness center, or to coordinate a time to take a tour.  It's also easy to join on the website by clicking the "Join" button in the upper right hand corner.  

Lastly, we have a new survey at the gym for members to complete starting on 9/1/17.  We'd like to hear how we can add more value for those using the gym so please take a moment to fill it out! 

Happy Labor Day!