Ski Workouts for Hitting the Slopes this Winter!

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As we patiently await the big snow storms allowing us to hit the ski slopes with the enthusiasm and gusto of the US Ski Team, it's exciting to think that we can be training like they do in these weeks leading up to prime ski season.  The exercises below are on the US Ski Team's 'ski training essentials' list.  It's time to get moving!

Exercise #1: Band Walks

Mini-band walks target the gluteus medius and stabilizing muscles of the hips. This exercise is extremely important to skiers for proper landing technique and jump mechanics on the mountain.

To complete this exercise successfully, start with a mini-band wrapped around your ankles. Stay low in a quarter-squat position, turn your knees out and take a big sideways step followed by a halfway step with the other foot. Start with two sets of 15 steps in each direction for this exercise.

Exercise #2: Back Extension

Most athletes think of their “core” as their six-pack abdominal muscles. However, it is important to incorporate training for the glutes and lower back when you are working your core. Start with three sets of 8-10 reps.

Exercises #3: DB Row 

Start with three sets of 6 reps with medium to heavy dumbbells. 

Exercise #4: Weighted Box squats 

Weighted Single Leg Box Squats are a phenomenal exercise and ski workout to develop explosive strength and dynamic balance during the preseason. This routine requires heavy use of the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and core. This a great exercise for skiing because it requires eccentric strength (lengthening of the muscle while contracting) on the way down and good balance and control coming up.  On one leg, slowly lower yourself down to the box. It's important when doing this lift that your knee doesn't cave in toward the mid-line of your body. Focus on keeping your head up, chest out and pushing through your heels. Pay particular attention to pushing with your glute. Start with three sets of eight repetitions per leg for this exercise.

*This also is a great exercise when using the stability ball.

Exercise #5: Squat Jumps

Training for performance is the key to building a strong, muscular, and athletic physique. Training jumps will improve explosive hip extension which is a foundation of athletic movement.

Exercise #6: Lateral Box Jumps

Lateral Box Jumps are a great preseason exercise and ski workout that the US Ski Team do to work on explosion in the moguls. 

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If you have questions about these exercises please do not hesitate to let us know.  

See you on the slopes! 

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back extensions gym workouts fitness exercise.jpg

Back Extension (above) & Reverse Back Extension (variation below) 

30-best-back-exercises-reverse-back-extension crested butte gym.jpg
Dumbbell-Row gym exercises crested butte gym.jpg

Dumbbell Row (above)

one leg weighted box squats crested gym .jpg

Weighted One-Legged Box Squats (Above) *This also is great using the stability ball.

Latearl-Box-Jumps- gym exercises.png

Lateral Box Jumps (Above)