10-class package

CB South Fitness & Yoga for the Fit

Hello All - We hope that you are enjoying this amazing weekend in Crested Butte! 

CB South Fitness wants to let our members know that we have a new relationship with our 310 Elcho Ave in Crested Butte neighbor, Yoga for the Peaceful, that will benefit those who want to practice yoga weekly, in addition to working out at the gym!  The convenience of having Yoga for the Peaceful next door means you don't have to travel any farther than our same building, and the price they are giving our members is incredible! 

For those interested, the price is $15 per class for a 5-class package, and just $12 per class for a 10-class package!  There are other packages and options available if you visit their website http://yogaforthepeaceful.com/.

Email Kristin at playhard@cbsouthfitness.com and we'll send you the links that you need to enroll easily online. 

We hope to see you at the gym or in the Yoga studio soon!  :-) 

yoga for the fit