Dual Functional Trainer

HAVE IT ALL with the Dual Functional Trainer

Good morning!  Some of you may not know this but the dual functional trainer is a piece of gym equipment that can get overlooked when you are at the gym doing your workout.  In large gyms that have every piece of equipment and exercise machine imaginable, you have many options for targeting major muscle groups, making it easy to walk right by.  The Dual Functional Trainer truly is a one stop shop - you can target almost everything using the various attachments and get a great overall workout! 

If you are not familiar with more than one or two exercises using the Dual Functional Trainer, no worries.  At CB South Fitness we have two large posters with instruction on what you can do, and what muscle groups you will be working.  This video is an example of a 3 of my favorites!

Happy Lifting!