The Benefits To Eating Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Last winter, Andy suffered from a pinched nerve in his C6/C7 vertebrae that compromised the second half of an amazing winter in Crested Butte.  He couldn't snowboard, snow blow the driveway, snowmobile, or go to the gym and lift weights.  So-called "normal things" like laying on his back in bed was impossible.  He had to sit in a certain position at his laptop so as not to stretch his vertebrae too much, and irritate the nerve.  It was so severe that two of his fingers on one hand went completely numb.  The injury was distracting, frustrating, and it was about 6 weeks before a solution was found.  

After seeing a local chiropractor in Crested Butte (who is amazing and I would suggest to everyone looking for a referral), Andy was instructed to take massive amounts of fish oil and also told to eat anti-imflammatory foods that would assist in the healing process.  Soon enough, and after a couple of days, he was feeling much better, and within a couple of weeks the issue went away completely! 

It's fascinating, and also concerning how food can help or harm how we feel on a daily basis. Although it's been months since Andy's recovery, this topic continues to be of interest.  Here is a great article on "food rules for the ultimate anti-inflammatory diet" that we want to share -

Happy Eating! 

Kristin King