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Why I love Personal Training

Hey there!  

I have been thinking a lot lately about our weekly group personal training sessions with Tim and my own personal transformation since I started group sessions in October 2017.  For those of us who have been going regularly, the results really are incredible!

I wanted to quickly share some of the reasons why I love working with a certified personal trainer:  

1) A personal trainer holds you accountable. You want to make the gym today but there are about 20 things that come up before you get out of work. Having a trainer to meet you there is a great way to hold yourself accountable and make sure you don’t bail on yourself.

2) A trainer will make sure that your workouts are in line to how you are feeling. If your energy is low, or you feel tired, tell your trainer and they will adjust the workout accordingly. Alternatively, if you are feeling awesome, they can really maximize the workout for and you will probably accomplish more than you might have done on your own. 

3) A trainer will ensure that your workouts never get stale. Are you sick of the same ole' thing every time you go to the gym? Well working with a personal trainer will take care of that and you will learn the proper form for each new exercise. Your workouts will be fresh and fun! 

4) A personal trainer will help you maximize your goals. We all have different things we want to accomplish in our gym workouts. Some people are recovering from an injury, others want to lose fat, some want to tone and build muscle, some want to increase their endurance or are training for an event. Working with a trainer you will get the right workout to match your exact fitness goals. If you are not into going to the gym 5 or 6 days a week this is an excellent way to maximize your 2-3 days at the gym and get exactly what you want out of your training.

5) A trainer won't push you to do anything you do not feel comfortable doing. Personal Trainers love and value their clients. They want you to be able to move the next day (and not be cursing them from soreness). They will structure the workout to your needs and not have you do anything that you do not feel comfortable with. They have your best interest at heart. 

6) A trainer knows about a lot more than just lifting weights. Do not underestimate the value of a person who has dedicated their life to fitness, wellness, and overall health. Many trainers know about topics like nutrition, preparing for competition, stretching and recovery tactics, proper diet, supplements, gut health, and so much more!

As for me, I’m not a personal trainer, and I’d never worked with one until we opened CB South Fitness in 2016. Over these last 10 or so months, I see more and more value in working with Tim Skafidas, and it’s so cool how each workout is structured to meet my specific fitness goals, and he helps me get the most out of the limited time I have to spend in the gym. It really has been a game changer in my personal health and fitness journey.

For those of you interested in joining our weekly group training sessions, they are open to the general public. This means that you do not need to be a member of the gym to check it out. If you are planning to attend training, please email (playhard@cbsouthfitness.com) or call (970.765.7009) to let us know you will be joining. The cost is reduced down to $30 per session and we meet weekly.

Thanks so much for reading. 

Kristin King  

CB South Fitness presents THE GT TRAINING SERIES with local pro trainer Tim Skafidas

This 8 week program is designed to get athletes of all levels in top shape for the Grand Traverse.  Package includes a 3-month membership to CB South Fitness, as well as group training sessions with 20-year trainer, Tim Skafidas!

The GT Training Series is designed for athletes looking to elevate their abilities and mix up their normal training routine.  Tim's training is efficient and highly effective for those with limited time.  The series will be open to all level of participants, and is not exclusive for Grand Traverse entrants.  This session will be for a group restricted to 10 individuals, with the first training starting Tuesday, January 17th, and the last ending Tuesday, March 21st.  


There are many ways competitors can train for an event as committing as the GT, most of which involve perfecting technique, and long hours skinning in preparation of the event.  As an athlete, if you want complete training before the Grand Traverse, then Maximum Sustained Power Workouts, in the gym at CB South Fitness, will help you achieve the most power and speed for the big day. Tim’s targeted training sessions will help members gain a competitive advantage, in less time, and with maximum efficiency. - CB South Fitness


Tim Skafidas has had a passion for outdoor fitness and weight training starting at an early age. He has a degree in Exercise Science from Colorado State University, and worked as an intern at the Center for Sports Medicine in Steamboat Springs, where he studied physical therapy to gain knowledge in injury treatment and prevention.

In December 1997 he began his professional career in Personal Training and Wellness Coaching. After working at One to One Wellness in Jackson, Wyoming in 2003, Functional Training for sport performance became his passion.  Over the past few years Tim has been studying the latest proven techniques to maximize performance, fat loss, nutrition and advanced recovery techniques. Using Heart Rate Variability to aid recovery, faster workouts for fat loss, and super slow reps for strength, are just a few of Tim’s advanced training methods used for clients and for himself.  Focusing on “Trimming the Fat” in a client’s current workout and focusing on the right combination of exercise, nutrition, and recovery is his well-rounded approach that yields fast results.

Most recently in the summer of 2016, Tim won the Eddyline Brewery Trail Running Series in Crested Butte. Tim had minimal time for training, but his focus was precise, and efficient, helping him finish first in the series


Athletes typically train for endurance events doing "blended training sessions" combining weights and cardio. This is a good method for general fitness but not for endurance athletes. Competitors rarely fail in endurance events because "they were winded".  Blended workouts are too similar to cardio sessions to get maximum benefits; a serious endurance athlete needs a more targeted approach.

Maximum sustained power workouts are designed to maximize the power and/or speed an individual can sustain. This type of training conditions the resiliency and output of an athletes nervous system, more so than traditional cardio conditioning. These workouts are punchy and short but extremely efficient.

Tim says, “After finishing first place in a running series with minimal training volume, I can attest to the fact this method works.  My clients will progress by making their overall volume higher, and not by having ‘increasing to heavier weights’ the goal (unless it gets too easy).

The top Tour de France and Iron Man athletes use these methods, and I'm willing to show my clients my underground training technique to give them a competitive advantage during the race. You will maximize your time in the gym, training routine, and target the right muscles that will power you through a very successful Grand Traverse!” - Tim Skafidas




One training session per week. Athlete’s commit in advance to one Tuesday or Thursday session each week at 5:30PM*

Jan. 31st & Feb 2nd (8 weeks out from GT)

Feb. 7th & 9th (7 weeks out from GT)

Feb. 14th & 16th (6 weeks out from GT)

Feb. 21st & 23rd (5 weeks out from GT)

Feb. 28th & Mar 2nd (4 weeks out from GT)

Mar. 7th & 9th (3 weeks out from GT)

Mar. 14 & 16th (2 weeks out from GT)

Mar. Saturday 18th & Tuesday the 21st (the week of the GT)

*Tim has recorded himself doing the exercises to email his clients after sessions. This makes it easy so that his clients don’t have to remember the sequence, and can reference his videos for proper form, while working out on their own.





  • Unlimited, key card gym access from 5am - 10pm, everyday!
  • An all-inclusive 8 week program with Personal Training pro, Tim Skafidas (Tuesday or Thursday evenings at 5:30PM - member picks one of those nights every week that they want to train)
  • Videos of training exercises emailed to participants showing technique and form.
  • Information sessions with Tim.
    • Nutrition (date TBD)
    • Injury Prevention (date TBD)

**CB South Fitness members who are signed up for The GT Training Series have all the typical perks to membership that other members at CB South Fitness have, plus the training series, information sessions, and recorded videos outlined above! 

crested butte trainer
tim at gym
Trainer Tim

Trainer Tim




New Stairmaster Stepmill to arrive this week at the gym!


As a late Christmas present CB South Fitness will be welcoming the newest piece of cardio equipment to the family later this week....the Stairmaster stepmill! 

Many of you may have noticed the 'coming soon' sign with a photo posted on the wall at the gym, but for those that haven't, we have been patiently waiting the stepmills arrival since before our opening day!  It will be well worth the wait, and if you haven't ever been on one I would highly suggest giving it a shot.  This is the best equivalent to simulating an actual hike up one of our mountains here in CB when it is negative digits outside and most want to hibernate in their cozy mountain homes.  Keep those legs warm and strong by getting down to CB South Fitness and giving the Stairmaster stepmill a shot!