Don't Miss Out!! Group Training at CB South Fitness

Hello everyone! 

I was just looking back at past articles realized, yikes, it has been a long time since I have posted anything for our members!  I don't know about you, but around my work schedule and gym workouts, I have been spending as much time as possible outdoors soaking up these 80 degree days! 

I wanted to remind members, and those who have been looking at the gym, that CB South Fitness has weekly group personal training that is offered to the public.  What does "offered to the public" mean exactly?  It means that you do not need to be a member of CB South Fitness to show up for training on Wednesday's, and train with us!  You can bring a friend if you like, train one week or train every week - the choice is yours!  

The local personal trainer is Tim Skafidas, who has been a trainer and coach in CB for something like 20-years.  Tim charges an extremely fair reduced rate of $30 per group session.  Upon meeting Tim he will ask you what you would like to get out of your training, how you are feeling that day, then figure out what's best for your workout, and everyone in training gets down to business. 

All of us in Tim's group training have something different that we want to accomplish and he is especially awesome at tailoring the workout to fit our individual fitness goals. 

In addition to Wednesday's group training, Tim is currently taking on private member clients at CB South Fitness.  If you are interested, or know of someone else who is, please have them contact me for more information and to get in touch with Tim directly. 

Happy Lifting and I hope to see you soon! 

Kristin King 

Week #6 & #7 6-Pack (Abs) Project (and Primal Blueprint Reboot) 

Howdy and Welcome March! 

Hopefully March will bring lots of snow for two reasons  1) This is our last month to ski and snowboard and  2) We need more snow for groundwater so that we can have campfires galore this summer in the new fire pit at home, and while out camping!  

The second of these two weeks marks my husband, Andy, and I's start to the Primal Blueprint reboot, which is eating a max of around 100-150 carbs per day to ween our bodies off of carb dependancy.  It’s pretty crazy what we can still eat on this plan and stay within the carb limits, and we have experimented with some great recipes in the new reboot book (

I decided not to follow the daily diet schedule in the book.  It’s a lot of planning way in advance for ingredients we need, and after 6 weeks of eating low sugar and low carb, plus extensive conversations with my girlfriend Katti in Texas about the Keto plan, I feel confident enough to prepare meals that I think fit the criteria of being Keto friendly.  For those of you curious what we’ve been eating, I will get into that more below. 

First, lets talk abs! 


Okay, so I'm still not at the 6-pack mark, and although 7 weeks ago I would have thought that I would be there by now, it's totally fine by me that I am not.  I enjoy the workouts and like seeing my my body transition during this phase - there's a great sense of accomplishment! 

It would be hard to tell you exactly what I do for abs workouts each day.  I had a friend text me the other night asking what workouts I am doing with Spring approaching.  The answer - I am doing a lot of different workouts and blending my ab routine into kettle bell exercises, cable machine moves, using the Bosu, stability balls, medicine balls, and incorporating more planks than I have ever done before!!  Targeted ab workouts are around 8-10 minutes and include a lot of repetitions.  I am so used to the ab workouts that instead of wanting to quit after 3 minutes, I transition into the next move when I feel sore, and keep on movin'!  


The Primal Blueprint and "Keto plan" involves eating a high fat, moderate protein, and low carb diet.  After a couple of weeks of the reboot, and when we are no longer carb dependent, we'll train our genes to burn fat and ketones instead of sugar as our primary fuel source.  When in a full on ketosis state, we'll consume just 50-100 grams of carbs per day (a highly active person may consume more carbs than this and still be in a ketosis state).  For the sake of the reboot we are on now, we are allowed 100-150 grams per day.  Are we counting carbs?  Not exactly.  But we are no longer consuming breads, grains, starches, and sugary sweets, and feel really good about that.  There are times that we want something chocolaty and I have been looking for easy recipes using 100% unsweetened baking cacao that will satisfy those cravings. 


Breakfast (my favorite meal of the day!) - I used to love english muffins with peanut butter and agave on top, or french toast with eggs and pure maple syrup (can you say, hello carbs!!!), but now I love eating omelets each morning. You can make them different every day and they never get old! 

Omelet favorite - Sautéed red bell pepper, onion, garlic, with diced bacon and shredded monterey jack cheese.  I use 2 eggs in my omelets but for a person with a large appetite 3 eggs might be the ticket.  They are big omelets with just 2 eggs and very filling!  

Lunch - I used to eat a sandwich or panini (it stinks that I got a panini maker for myself for Christmas!).  Panini’s are fun to make and taste delicious!  Andy would usually break the chips out at lunch, and I would eat too many of those and feel guilty after.  In the afternoon I would feel tired and sluggish from the carb bender, but not anymore!  Now I eat a “Bigass salad” (no really, that’s what he calls it in the book!), without the mid afternoon lull.

"Bigass salad" favorite - Mixed greens with a kale mix from Tassinong Farms in CB South.  I dice the greens up small, and sometimes add spinach.  I top each of my salads differently based on what’s in the fridge.  Favorite salad toppings include: feta cheese crumbles, sunflower seeds, a few dried cranberries, diced carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, hard-boiled egg, almond slivers or walnuts (or some other nut).  I top the salad with diced chicken that is prepared at the beginning of the week (it's so easy when you don't have much time).  Unfortunately, all salad dressings we have in the fridge are not keto-friendly, and so we drizzle with avocado oil and then I add some ripe peach white balsamic vinegar that we purchase every fall at Orchard Valley Farms in Paonia, CO.  It is an unreal oil and vinegar mix!  I might try red wine vinegar one of these days but haven’t gotten there yet.  The ripe peach is so incredible! 

Dinner - I used to pick healthy choices that didn’t include high carb content, well except for my all-time favorite, which is pizza (which we would eat at least one time per week). 

Dinner favorite - Dinners include a healthy protein like salmon, or pork, but since going low-carb there's no longer is jasmine rice or sweet potato on our plates.  We are starting to bake/cook different vegetables which has been, well…yummy!  A couple of nights ago we roasted carrot “fries” in the oven, tossed with melted coconut oil, salt and pepper (oven temp 400, cook for 20-30 min depending on desired firmness).  They were delicious!  We prepared asparagus on a skillet for 5-10 minutes with just olive oil and salt and pepper.  Both of these veggies are outside of our norm for dinner, and they did not disappoint.  The salmon was seasoned similar to the asparagus but with a lemon wedge drizzled over the top just before eating. 


Most nuts, except for peanuts, are allowed on the Keto plan, and as we have been stocking the cupboards with healthy nuts to snack on I have been researching which are on the 'nice list' and which the 'naughty list' as far as being “keto-friendly”.  Here is an excellent resource to see for yourself - low-carb nuts -

To add insult to injury (and because this plan includes eating as much butter as you like), I made buttered pecans this week (!  For the record, I know that it might sound weird to make buttered pecans, but I promise if you make them you will not be sorry - they are un-freaking-real)! 


1)  The scale.  I am burning fat and losing lbs, and that makes me and my scale happy.  Although I don’t have an actual 6-pack (yet) my core is very strong and you can see more definition and muscle in other areas of my body.  I like the exercises I am doing and the time I am spending strength training at CB South Fitness.  I’ve never worked out hard and consistent like this in my entire life, and seeing there results makes it even more motivating!  

2)  In preparation for a trip to the sunshine state next week with my kiddo, I dug my bathing suit out of storage, and dusted off the cobwebs.  Trying on a bathing suit in March and not having anxiety when looking in the mirror is a wonderful feeling.  I was actually impressed and excited by what I saw!  I was always the girl in high school and college that waited until a few weeks before a spring break vacation to hit the gym and see what I could do to improve my appearance before beach time.  It usually resulted in losing a little weight, however it was always a short term solution, and typically I would gain it back on vacation or soon after returning home.  Fifteen to twenty years ago, I HATED lifting weights.  Lifting weights scared and intimidated me.  Silly, right?  I usually did cardio, stretching and ab workouts. 


1)  Several months back I developed a ganglion cyst on the back of my left wrist.  Just this week I finally looked it up to research what was going on.  I had one of these cysts in the same spot many years ago, and it went away after time.  Right now, it only hurts only when I am doing push-ups, stability ball tucks, or anything with a lot of flection in my wrist.  You will see in some of the photos below that I am using dumbbells for my grip certain exercises, and they help so much!  I'm applying frankincense essential oil directly to my wrist, a warm cloth and other natural remedies to help it heal. 

2) We went to CB’s “Crafted” event on Saturday.  It was a great afternoon but very hard to know what to eat and drink that was safe during our reboot.  We drank the yummy wine of local wine vendors (knowing nothing about their carb or sugar content) and had a little beef chili and pulled pork and coleslaw on a plate (hold the bun please!).  It was fun to get out and mingle but from an eating aspect I couldn't help but feel guilty.  Essentially, we have much more control over what we ingest when we prepare meals at home, and I have a lot less guilt about it! 

3)  I'm cutting dairy out for a bit.  In the Primal Blueprint reboot the author Mark Sisson includes dairy in his recipes, but I think I am going to cut dairy out for a week and see if I feel additional benefits in the diet.  Dairy causes inflammation in most people, and I recently saw something that reminded me of this.  Although I do not drink milk, we love cheese when cooking or snacking, and on occasion I eat greek yogurt as well.  I'm wondering if cutting gluten as well as dairy will have more of an accelerated impact on my waistline.  I guess time will tell!  


Okay, time to say goodbye.  I will write again next week after being dairy free for a week.  This will be hard, but after the last 7-weeks of no ice cream and pizza, I can do anything.  ;) 

Have a great week all!  


Sprint intervals - I hated them the first time I did them and LOVE them now!  There are so many great benefits to HIIT! 

Sprint intervals - I hated them the first time I did them and LOVE them now!  There are so many great benefits to HIIT! 

stability ball tucks #2.JPG
Morning coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

Morning coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

Skiin' with dad! 

Skiin' with dad! 

Hello muscles!  There are stability ball tucks using dumbbells to support my wrists. 

Hello muscles!  There are stability ball tucks using dumbbells to support my wrists. 

stability ball tucks #1.JPG
Skiing with the family.  This was Keiran's first day up Red Lady chairlift and he was so excited! 

Skiing with the family.  This was Keiran's first day up Red Lady chairlift and he was so excited! 

Abs at the end of week 7. 

Abs at the end of week 7. 


Week #4 6-Pack (Abs) Project


It's week 4 of the 6-Pack Project and things are good!  My husband, son and I are gearing up for a road trip to Texas and I have been planning ahead as to what types of foods I can eat while away, and what snacks we will bring with us.  The hardest part of this diet so far has been traveling, more so than going out to eat.  When I went to Denver last weekend it was hard to know what I could snack on during my 4+ hour drive on Saturday, and again on Sunday.  

Being on the road there are few options available that are low-carb and low-sugar, that are also quick and convenient (we won’t exactly be stopping for cooked chicken and steak dinners or fresh salads on an overnight road trip with a 3yo). 

So far here are the snacks I plan to bring for the road: 

-Hard boiled eggs

-Almond bars

-Dry roasted peanuts 

-Vegetables for snacking (celery & carrots)


-Fruit (green apples, berries) 

Week 4 Highlights: 

1)  Sticking to my gym routine and mixing it up has been fun!  I am feeling really good about what I am accomplishing at the gym.  Yesterday I did sprint intervals on the treadmill with a full body strength workout after, and today I did a 45-minute Peloton ride with Denis (who is a great instructor if you haven’t rode with him yet). 

2)  Ab workouts are a norm now.  They are not a pain, and it’s not inconvenient - I’m really liking them!  My core has needed more focus and strength exercises ever since my son was born 3 and a half years ago and it is really exciting to see and feel the results. 

3)  Gearing up for our road trip. There’s always a slight element of anxiety with driving all night  but it’s totally worth it, and we will get to see family and friends in the Dallas area. 

Week 4 Challenges: 

1)  Going to events or gatherings where food is served, and cooking big meals at home.  We cooked a Blue Apron dinner a couple of nights ago, and it tasted wonderful, however, my stomach was not been feeling great for an hour or so after.  I try to pick the low carb dinner options with Blue Apron, but I still think that I overdid it, and ate too much.  In the past I would overeat and not think twice about it, and now I don’t think my stomach can handle it. 

2)  Keeping workouts consistent while we’re away.  I was going to workout at my in-laws house using their Bosu and a yoga mat, and then the other day Andy mentioned doing a couple of drop-in days at the gym near their house.  What a novel idea!  The comical part being that I hadn’t thought about doing gym drop-in's, and we get them at CB South Fitness all of the time! 

3)  If you’ve been reading the other blog content, in the last 2 weeks I have been making healthy chocolaty desserts and posting the recipes.  Chocolate brownies mostly.  One was an almond flour based recipe, and the other was a date and walnut base.  They are both so good and relatively guilt free…or so I thought.  Just a few days ago I realized that I was thinking about them, a lot.  I was becoming addicted to the healthy chocolate treats just like I used to be addicted to the regular bad-for-me chocolate treats!  Man, sweets are so addictive for me!  I do better to just not eat them at all. 

New Recipe: 

1)  Healthy Chili (that is so surprisingly good with only 4.4g net carbs!) -  (tip - use one jalapeño pepper) 

New Supplement: 

ceylon cinnamon suppliment .JPG

1)  Ceylon Cinnamon - Recommended to me by my trainer.  These cinnamon capsules are used for controlling healthy blood sugar levels (best if taken before meals containing carbs), helping support fat metabolism, and promoting heart and cardiovascular health

In closing, the workouts, the changes I am seeing in my shape, the diet, and the new tasty recipes are all motivating me to keep going.  I look forward to the week when I am lean enough that I can see #6packabs! 


Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers

Elevated push-ups

Elevated push-ups

Cooper Ott - Waiting for Snow!

Waiting for Snow

Well, it is the middle of December and we are still waiting for the snow to come.  When December arrived without snow I will admit I was bummed.  I still am.  Looking back on pictures from previous years from this time, of skiing 9” of fresh pow it is hard not to be a little bummed.  Unfortunately you cannot control weather.  Instead of moping around (like I did the first few days of “ski season”), I have decided to make the most of it and take advantage of the sunshine.  I am so thankful that Hartman Rocks is open for riding bikes, the resort is open although the coverage is thin, and CB South Fitness is open as well!  I may not be skiing pow in the backcountry, or on the resort for that matter but, there are plenty of other things to do and to get ready for when the snow flies.   

Even though I would rather be brushing snow off my car, or drifting through fresh snow on my bike all the way to the bus stop, I am making the most of the beautiful days.  This is a great time to ski the resort and work on technique, and break in my new Dalbello boots!  I have also been spending more and more time at the gym.  Kristin, the owner of the gym, does a great job of putting up fun workouts on the bulletin board.  The latest is a U.S ski team workout!  A perfect way to get your body ready for ski season!  

What was exciting for me, was this workout really brought back High School Ski team memories.  We used to do lateral box jumps for 60 seconds on the 12” box and our goal was 60 jumps. Although I used to do it like it was my day job, I have some work to do before I am back to hitting those numbers!

Winter 2018 goal: 60 jumps in 60 seconds on the 12” box

Another awesome exercise on the list was weighted single leg box squats.  This is where you are doing single leg squats down to the box, and then back up to standing position.  I was super surprised that this was much easier with my left leg than my right leg.  I am right hand dominant and also more comfortable right foot forward on the bike so I thought that it would be the other way around.  I guess with no snow, I have the time and ability to perfect both sides!

It is not always easy to make lemonade out of lemons, but it is usually worth the effort, and I am getting stronger and toning with each gym session.  Okay, off the computer for me and time to get out and enjoy these mild days before Mother Nature buries us in a thick white blanket!  

After doing the US Ski Team workout posted at the gym!  

After doing the US Ski Team workout posted at the gym!  

The Benefits To Eating Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Last winter, Andy suffered from a pinched nerve in his C6/C7 vertebrae that compromised the second half of an amazing winter in Crested Butte.  He couldn't snowboard, snow blow the driveway, snowmobile, or go to the gym and lift weights.  So-called "normal things" like laying on his back in bed was impossible.  He had to sit in a certain position at his laptop so as not to stretch his vertebrae too much, and irritate the nerve.  It was so severe that two of his fingers on one hand went completely numb.  The injury was distracting, frustrating, and it was about 6 weeks before a solution was found.  

After seeing a local chiropractor in Crested Butte (who is amazing and I would suggest to everyone looking for a referral), Andy was instructed to take massive amounts of fish oil and also told to eat anti-imflammatory foods that would assist in the healing process.  Soon enough, and after a couple of days, he was feeling much better, and within a couple of weeks the issue went away completely! 

It's fascinating, and also concerning how food can help or harm how we feel on a daily basis. Although it's been months since Andy's recovery, this topic continues to be of interest.  Here is a great article on "food rules for the ultimate anti-inflammatory diet" that we want to share -

Happy Eating! 

Kristin King 

Work 'IN' to Workout

Greetings from snowy Crested Butte! 

This morning while my dog Athena and I were doing our favorite trail run loop - Caves up to Wallrod cut-off, back down to Cement Creek, it occurred to me just how much things have changed in the last couple of weeks since we were last up there.  The air is cold and humid, the leaves are vibrant yellow, and the trail has a nice layer of fallen leaves coating the ground.  I notice that the mountain tops all have snow on them while the gray sky is determined to shut out the sun out at all costs.  In this moment i'm thrilled that I thought to bring my rain shell as it protects me from the frigid breeze on this perfect Fall day. 

Fall - A Time for Change

The change of seasons does a couple of things; One, it gets us thinking about how we're going to get our next workout in when it's raining and snowing (and then raining some more), and two, it gets us thinking about the next season of fun at CBMR, winter ski passes and the majestic beauty of CB's iconic peaks in the wintertime. 

What's great about this time of year is that we can change our thought process - by thinking about working 'IN' to workout.  Fall forces us inside more than we like, but we still have the motivation and determination to want to stay in shape and feel good about the level of movement and activity we are getting.  Getting into the gym and doing cardio and strength training can not only help keep us in great running and biking shape during the off season, but it can also help condition us for skiing and snowboarding, as well as many other favorite winter sports. 

Thinking about working 'IN' the gym is fun!  If you do not agree or are a little bored with your typical exercises, check out the posters at the gym for new ideas, do some research online, or meet with a personal trainer at CB South Fitness who will create an awesome workout, and help you get maximum results for your favorite activities.

The Crested Butte Way 

I have had two new members come to me in the last week who want to workout in the gym to keep fit for biking during the off-season.  They love mountain biking more than anything, and they are already thinking about next season.  If I've had two people in a week approach me with the same goal in mind, I am willing to bet there are many more who think similarly.  Let CB South Fitness help the community stay strong year round so that we always feel confident in whatever our favorite sports may be!  

Check out our website for membership details, or click here - 

Photos from our run this morning. <3 

fall cb crested butte exercise fitness .jpg
crested butte gym in the exercise fall .jpg
crested butte gym fitness for life exercise.jpg

Your Fitness Starts Here

Happy Monday! 

I wanted to post this weeks Open Door Gym Hours in a blog for everyone to see the times we will be at the gym with the door propped open where you can swing by and see the facility as well as ask questions about memberships and summer specials. 

Please contact Kristin if you need to set an alternative time at 970-765-7009 or 




We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you achieve your personal fitness goals! 


The Health Triangle

Life Balance

Greetings!  I found this article on Livestrong and wanted to share with our members and whoever else reads this blog (hopefully there are a few others!?).  As I read this article I'm reminded that it's important for us all to check-in with ourselves from time-to-time, and pay attention to see if we have good perspective and balance in our lives.  That is, the balance of physical health, social health, and mental health.  If there are areas that are lacking or we are not making enough time for, are we sacrificing and making up for it elsewhere?  YUP, this question really gets my analytical brain excited. :) 

Losing and Finding My Sanity

We are fortunate in Crested Butte to have unlimited opportunities for outdoor activity, and still some may not take as much time for fitness and exercise as they wish that they did.  5 years ago, in my past life in Denver and my last stressful job in Sales, running long distance was my way of maintaining my sanity, and then a couple of years ago meditation entered my regimen, and helped in a greater capacity.  At that point in my life, I was never able to get in the gym for a workout.  How could I when I had limited time and sat at my desk in a grind for 10-hours a day!  At that time I had a career and no life balance.  Life was all about hitting sales goals, and trying to stay calm and not freak out if I didn't.  

New Priorities

Years passed... then came marriage and then baby before I realized how important it is to take time for me.  After-all, I am my own best friend, my biggest advocate, my worst critic or my worst enemy (for the record, I prefer not to be the last two)!  No one else can take care of me if I am not, and now I make time religiously for that ten minute morning meditation, 45-minute workout at the gym, or 20-minute walk with the dog!  

In the words of Ben Stiller in Starsky and Hutch "DO IT, DO IT...DO IT".

OK...on to the article. 


The health triangle is a teaching tool that examines mental, physical and social health. It teaches that the three triangle elements are interconnected. Thus all three sides of the triangle need to be balanced to achieve true health. When one side of the triangle is emphasized too much--or not enough--the other sides will change. This leads to an imbalance. Teachers of the triangle emphasize taking responsibility for your own health by practicing prevention, such as wearing seat belts, and by actively improving personal health. You improve health by incorporating healthy habits like a proper diet and eliminating risk factors for poor health, such as smoking.

Physical Health

Physical health addresses the body’s ability to function. Components include exercising regularly, eating a nutritious diet, getting enough sleep and rest, resisting harmful substances like alcohol and drugs, maintaining a healthy weight and practicing good hygiene.

Mental Health

Mental and emotional health examines how a person thinks and feels and how he copes with everyday life, including how well he relates to others. A person with good emotional health is in touch with his feelings, expresses those feelings in an appropriate manner, enjoys learning, uses his mind to develop thinking skills, learns from his mistakes and accepts responsibility.

Social Health

Social health measures the way a person reacts to people in her environment. It encompasses family and peer relationships as well as public health. To attain good social health, a person needs to communicate well, show respect, care for herself and others, both seek and lend support, have the ability to make and keep friends and know how to work or play cooperatively.

Risk Factors

Risk factors that can throw a person’s health triangle out of balance include lack of exercise, poor eating habits, risky sexual behavior, alcohol and drug use, smoking or chewing tobacco and behavior that leads to injury or another health threat. Triangle teachers emphasize that risks can be cumulative and add up to a total that is greater than a person expects.


Attitude is the key to maintaining good health, according to Health Triangle literature from the Tamaqua Area School District in Pennsylvania. A person must believe good habits and prevention, such as wearing sunscreen, lead to good health. Then he must practice these habits. Otherwise problems will develop, such as disease and other ailments.

thehealth triangle. fitness. wellness. gym. png.png



We are excited to welcome Yoga for the Peaceful CB South to the neighborhood and encourage you to stop by for their open door hours tonight!  This is a brand new studio that will offer a variety of classes starting later this week.  Welcome Y4P to 310 Elcho Ave! 

For those members or non-gym members curious about the new facility please stop by for Y4P's opening tonight 6/5 from 4-7PM!  It's a great way to meet the new owner and find out about rates and class schedule. 

Switching gears....HEAD TO cb south fitness DURING OPEN DOOR HOURS THIS WEEK! 



SUNDAY 6/11 FROM 8 AM - 10 AM


yoga and fitness. exercise and workouts.png



The fields are green, the snow is slowly making its way off the big peaks, and we are gearing up for another epic summer in Crested Butte!  For those of you that are visiting or have a home in Crested Butte, please stop in during Open Door Gym hours and take a look around the gym!  We post Open Door Hours each week on the home page of times when we will be at the gym with the door propped open, and we're happy to answer questions and show you around! 

CB South Fitness is excited to offer summer membership specials to those who want to get in the gym.  Strength training and functional training helps us in all areas, and although it may be easy to get cardio in on the hiking trail, lifting weights will tone and build muscle, which burns more calories, and helps improve overall performance, while preventing injury.  

Summer Membership Options:

1-Week Unlimited Membership $35*

1-Month Unlimited Membership $80*

2-Month Unlimited Membership $140*

3-Month Unlimited Membership $195*

*An enrollment fee of $25 will be charged for membership set-up and key card. 

Give us a call to inquire or get set up as a member (970.765.7009) and we look forward to helping you meet your summer fitness goals and preparing you for the trail! 

gym weights. free weights. exercise and fitness.JPG

Open Door Gym Hours 4-1-17 thru 4-7-17

CB South Fitness is here to help you achieve your personal fitness goals every day of the year, and coming down to the gym during Open Door Hours is the best way to have your questions answered, and see what strength and cardio equipment we have before joining the gym.  Strength and cardio training burns fat, tones muscles, improves endurance, reduces health risks, boosts confidence, and prevents injury so that you can feel confident in your day to day activities.  


MONDAY (5-1) 4PM-6PM

TUESDAY (5-2) 9AM-11AM



GROUP TRAINING - Join in the Action!

Happy Daylight Saving Day! 

I think we can all appreciate the days as they are now starting to get longer.  Spring and Summer bring about an entirely new reason to be excited about living in Crested Butte, and enjoying the local appeal here in Crested Butte South, including mountain biking, and hiking to name a few local favorites.  From the infamous 401 to the Ferris Creek Trail, Crested Butte has hundreds of places to explore, and endless opportunities for adventure.  

At CB South Fitness, the changing season is bringing about another change inside the gym's four training sessions for gym members!  Kristin & local trainer Tim Skafidas want to invite you to join us for training, and at a reduced rate.  Sessions will be limited to 5 people groups, and cost just $25 per person!  Tim will bring in some equipment of his own and create cool circuit training to work a variety of muscle groups and help members see the best possible results! 

Contact Kristin at and let us know if you want to get in on this great opportunity to train!  We'll put together the days/time once we gauge interest among CB South Fitness members. 

Make it a great day! 

tim gym fit train exercise workouts key card access crested butte south.JPG
kristin's bicep curl gym fitness strength train exercise key card access crested butte gym.JPG

To be a Crested Buttian business owner

In the last 2 weeks I have personally hung almost 70 flyers around Crested Butte.  I have met business owners, employees, and customers who are in support of CB South Fitness, letting us promote the gym in stores, restaurants, and common areas, and offering great suggestions along the way.  I have made inspiring new contacts who have recommendations leading me to my next promotional “thing”.  And just tonight noticed that CB South Fitness finally comes up in a Google search for “Crested Butte Gym”.  I have been working tirelessly on search engine optimization for months and it's FINALLY working.  What a learning experience and an unbelievable 3 months this has been! 

Last week the gym raffled off a membership for a local fundraiser put on by the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association.  CBMBA was a blast to work with, and Tully's restaurant was packed for the cause!  We are excited to get involved with future events put on by CBMBA. 

The momentum for CB South Fitness is building in our community and it is exhilarating!  WE LOVE YOU CRESTED BUTTE!  Thank you for being one awesome community to be a business owner.  We are eternally grateful! 

Note: I realize this photo does not have anything to do with the gym, hanging flyers, or meeting businesses around town but a girl still has to play! ;-)&nbsp;

Note: I realize this photo does not have anything to do with the gym, hanging flyers, or meeting businesses around town but a girl still has to play! ;-) 


Today, while working out, I started thinking about the progression of things since we opened the doors of CB South Fitness.  It had not occurred to me that during the weeks of opening the gym, and in making sure that things went smoothly for our members, that I was also working out more than I had in years.

A few weeks ago, a friend who is a personal trainer, put together a total body workout program for me.  For the first time in my life my workouts are organized, balanced, and I am doing them with more consistency than ever before (3x per week). From box squats, to Romanian deadlifts, bench press, and dumbbell step-ups (using the plyo box), bent over barbell-row, lateral pull downs, and a fun alteration to traditional bicep curls, my workouts stay interesting and most importantly, challenging.  I forgot to mention the best part - that each week I am adding 5lbs extra to my bar from the week before!  Adding weights in a progression is something that has never been part of my workout regimen, and I am so glad that it is now.  From bending over to pick up my 2-year old and feeling the strength in my back and arms, to how solid I am on my feet when I attempt to be the ultimate skier (notice I said “attempt”- I have a long way to go!), I feel better about everyday movements, and recreational sports, thanks to the dedication to my workouts.

Living in Crested Butte, there are a million reasons to be outside enjoying the beautiful winter wonderland that we all know and love.  But when time is limited, or you are looking for more than a cardio workout, get to the gym.  Even a 20-minute weight training session counts! 

For those of you that are not members, or have not been by to check out the gym, we have several posters on the walls with various exercises, stretches and movements so that things stay fun, and workouts can change regularly (if you want them to).  For some, this can mean adding new exercises to your ‘routine’ and challenging new muscle groups.  If you are up to the task, put together a workout sheet to help you track each exercise and weight, and then start increasing the weight slightly every couple of weeks.  Or at best, work with personal trainer, Tim Skafidas.  Personal trainers can build you a custom workout plan, to satisfy your personal fitness goals. We have an awesome local trainer at our fingertips, with 20 years experience, at a great price!  

In closing, I still have a long way to go, but each week the confidence builds as the weight increases, and I feel great!  

Happy Lifting.

*To inquire about training with Tim Skafidas please contact us and we will put you in touch, or you can check out the Training & Services page on our website!  Right now, 20% discounts on couples training sessions!

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We are super excited to share details on our Valentine's Monthly Special at CB South Fitness!

Spend time with your loved one, and make workouts FUN!  There are several benefits to how working out with a partner can improve performance, open up doors to new exercises, help members stick to a program, and spend quality time with the person that they care about most.  Couples pricing in February is discounted down to $100/month!  

Also, take advantage of 20% off couples training sessions with 20-year trainer, Tim Sakfidas!  Come see us in Crested Butte South during open door hours, or contact us for more information or to set up a time to meet at or 970-765-7009. 


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CB South Fitness presents THE GT TRAINING SERIES with local pro trainer Tim Skafidas

This 8 week program is designed to get athletes of all levels in top shape for the Grand Traverse.  Package includes a 3-month membership to CB South Fitness, as well as group training sessions with 20-year trainer, Tim Skafidas!

The GT Training Series is designed for athletes looking to elevate their abilities and mix up their normal training routine.  Tim's training is efficient and highly effective for those with limited time.  The series will be open to all level of participants, and is not exclusive for Grand Traverse entrants.  This session will be for a group restricted to 10 individuals, with the first training starting Tuesday, January 17th, and the last ending Tuesday, March 21st.  


There are many ways competitors can train for an event as committing as the GT, most of which involve perfecting technique, and long hours skinning in preparation of the event.  As an athlete, if you want complete training before the Grand Traverse, then Maximum Sustained Power Workouts, in the gym at CB South Fitness, will help you achieve the most power and speed for the big day. Tim’s targeted training sessions will help members gain a competitive advantage, in less time, and with maximum efficiency. - CB South Fitness


Tim Skafidas has had a passion for outdoor fitness and weight training starting at an early age. He has a degree in Exercise Science from Colorado State University, and worked as an intern at the Center for Sports Medicine in Steamboat Springs, where he studied physical therapy to gain knowledge in injury treatment and prevention.

In December 1997 he began his professional career in Personal Training and Wellness Coaching. After working at One to One Wellness in Jackson, Wyoming in 2003, Functional Training for sport performance became his passion.  Over the past few years Tim has been studying the latest proven techniques to maximize performance, fat loss, nutrition and advanced recovery techniques. Using Heart Rate Variability to aid recovery, faster workouts for fat loss, and super slow reps for strength, are just a few of Tim’s advanced training methods used for clients and for himself.  Focusing on “Trimming the Fat” in a client’s current workout and focusing on the right combination of exercise, nutrition, and recovery is his well-rounded approach that yields fast results.

Most recently in the summer of 2016, Tim won the Eddyline Brewery Trail Running Series in Crested Butte. Tim had minimal time for training, but his focus was precise, and efficient, helping him finish first in the series


Athletes typically train for endurance events doing "blended training sessions" combining weights and cardio. This is a good method for general fitness but not for endurance athletes. Competitors rarely fail in endurance events because "they were winded".  Blended workouts are too similar to cardio sessions to get maximum benefits; a serious endurance athlete needs a more targeted approach.

Maximum sustained power workouts are designed to maximize the power and/or speed an individual can sustain. This type of training conditions the resiliency and output of an athletes nervous system, more so than traditional cardio conditioning. These workouts are punchy and short but extremely efficient.

Tim says, “After finishing first place in a running series with minimal training volume, I can attest to the fact this method works.  My clients will progress by making their overall volume higher, and not by having ‘increasing to heavier weights’ the goal (unless it gets too easy).

The top Tour de France and Iron Man athletes use these methods, and I'm willing to show my clients my underground training technique to give them a competitive advantage during the race. You will maximize your time in the gym, training routine, and target the right muscles that will power you through a very successful Grand Traverse!” - Tim Skafidas




One training session per week. Athlete’s commit in advance to one Tuesday or Thursday session each week at 5:30PM*

Jan. 31st & Feb 2nd (8 weeks out from GT)

Feb. 7th & 9th (7 weeks out from GT)

Feb. 14th & 16th (6 weeks out from GT)

Feb. 21st & 23rd (5 weeks out from GT)

Feb. 28th & Mar 2nd (4 weeks out from GT)

Mar. 7th & 9th (3 weeks out from GT)

Mar. 14 & 16th (2 weeks out from GT)

Mar. Saturday 18th & Tuesday the 21st (the week of the GT)

*Tim has recorded himself doing the exercises to email his clients after sessions. This makes it easy so that his clients don’t have to remember the sequence, and can reference his videos for proper form, while working out on their own.





  • Unlimited, key card gym access from 5am - 10pm, everyday!
  • An all-inclusive 8 week program with Personal Training pro, Tim Skafidas (Tuesday or Thursday evenings at 5:30PM - member picks one of those nights every week that they want to train)
  • Videos of training exercises emailed to participants showing technique and form.
  • Information sessions with Tim.
    • Nutrition (date TBD)
    • Injury Prevention (date TBD)

**CB South Fitness members who are signed up for The GT Training Series have all the typical perks to membership that other members at CB South Fitness have, plus the training series, information sessions, and recorded videos outlined above! 

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Trainer Tim

Trainer Tim





Going to the gym, and getting regular exercise is important to some, but there are many who don’t take the time to go to the gym or get outside as often as they would like.  It’s important to remind ourselves that fitness and exercise are not something that we should decide on January 1st, and by January 31st have already put it on the back burner.  There are many reasons why exercise should be a part of our year-round routine, that coincidentally have nothing to do with the obvious reason - weight loss.

I came across this article, which is one of many that explains how getting outside for a hike, bike, or ski, or heading down to your local gym, can be the best thing you do for yourself in 2017! click here

1.     Exercise BOOSTS Brainpower

2.     Movement MELTS AWAY Stress

3.     Exercise Gives You ENERGY

4.     It’s Not That Hard To Find Time For FITNESS

5.     Fitness Can Help Build RELATIONSHIPS

6.     Exercise Helps WARD OFF Disease

7.     Fitness PUMPS UP Your Heart

8.     Exercise Lets You EAT MORE (personal favorite)

9.     Exercise BOOSTS Performance

10.  Weight Loss Is NOT the Most Important Goal

11.   Regular Exercise Helps You Sleep Better (a very important one to add)

Wishing Crested Buttians a year filled with Fitness, and Fun, and Friendly encounters, and we hope to see you soon! 

Get Inspired this Year!

Greetings CB South Fitness members.

We have had some new developments over the last couple of days at the gym, and with that comes getting excited about all of the new stuff that'll be offered to you, as a member of CB South Fitness, in 2017. 

Starting this week we will put out a jar on the cabinet that has the label "GET INSPIRED". Members can pick out a quote or saying and keep or replace it back to the jar (it's totally up to you!). These few words may be just enough to help you finish that last set of curls, increase your resistance on the elliptical, try a new exercise that you have never tried before, or give you that extra push to Elevate Yourself and your workout today!

Also, we will have a few snacks at the gym that members can help themselves to. Don't worry, they will be healthy and help give you the energy to keep going! 

There is more coming CB South Fitness members....stay tuned! 


January 1st is an interesting and exciting time of year.  It really is the best time, in my opinion.  January is a time to reflect and feel grateful for the year past, and a time to look to the upcoming year and the upcoming accomplishments that will be achieved.

It's easy to sit back, and state a couple of 'New Year's resolutions' and then let the months pass, not really paying attention to the days passing you by.  This used to be my way each year.  Let me ask you this, isn't it more exciting to affirm exactly what you want to accomplish in the coming 12 months and then feel good about knowing that each day gets you closer to that goal?   Things will happen that you could not have imagined, and you find yourself paying attention to things that seem to be pulling you in a new direction.  The right direction!  Ever since my husband and I have started being strategic about goal setting, and keeping a journal, we have experienced a complete 180 to what we encountered our first couple of years as a couple. 

With much encouragement I suggest getting out that piece of paper and a pen and writing down exactly what you want to accomplish in 2017, and while you're at it, why not sketch out your 3 and 5 year plan?  Revisit this every week, or at least once a month.  What can you do to help yourself get to where you want to be?  If you've thought about keeping a planner to help hold yourself accountable (and you are not sure as to which one), The Inner Guide planner has been a game changer for me, and I will never consider anything else.  This is my second year using it and it has helped me in more ways than I could describe.

Here's a thought provoking question, and I hope that someone reads down this far and sees it (note: if this reaches only one person then it was worth taking the time to type this blog):


Come see us at at CB South Fitness if we can help you get to where you want in 2017.  We are all about helping our members achieve their personal health and fitness goals in this coming year and have some amazing partnerships and fun stuff in store.  I dare you to come and see for yourself.   


Also, OPEN DOOR HOURS from 1.2.17 - 1.8.17

The owners will be down at the gym this week, with the door propped open, and can show you around the gym and answer questions.  It's a great time to swing by! 

MONDAY 1/2 FROM 4 PM - 6:30 PM



THURSDAY 1/5 FROM 4 PM - 6:30 PM


SUNDAY 1/8 FROM 10 AM - 12 PM

*You can also call 970.765.7009 to set an appointment, or schedule one on the 'join us' page of the website