A Moment of Gratitude

Feeling thankful to have great friends here in Crested Butte who helped us pull together hours of footage, to create our 'Opening the Gym' video, which captures the time, effort, and hustle that came together (in only a few weeks) to bring the community of Crested Butte, CB South Fitness!  You want to meet this power couple (and you probably will working out at the gym) - Thank you Brittany and Eric! 

CB South Fitness could not be more excited about the things that have transpired since we opened our doors in the Fall, and the great stuff that will continue to unfold this year.  I am sharing this video again for members, old and new, who may not have seen it.  Thank you all for your support and spreading the word about our healthy little corner in the CB South Commercial district! 

If the first video came out this good, imagine what the next will be like!  My wheels are turning.... BOOYAH!