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Hello all - 

It's exciting to think about 2018!  January is a fresh start to the new year - a way to say farewell to the things that were not working or serving us in the past 12 months, and hello to the positive and healthy things we intend to incorporate going forward. 

I am looking forward to the year ahead and wanted to share a couple of the things high on my priority list.  Before that, lets look at the definition of the word "resolution". 



a firm decision to do or not to do something.

synonyms: intention, resolve, decision, intent, aim, plan; More

New Year - New Me

Instead of resolving to "go to the gym 6-days a week", which doesn't add much value to me because of the 3-4 days that I go already, I am setting a couple of fitness goals that I know will be of benefit to me but also will be challenging enough to make a big impact on how I feel mentally, physically and emotionally. 

YOGA One Time Per Week

I'm very excited about this resolution because yoga and I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship, and I know that I need it in my life.  I love going to yoga, because afterward I feel centered, calm, refreshed and stretched - both physically and mentally.  And then there's the pain.  You know, the kind you get when doing pigeon pose?  That one makes me feel like I could very well black out, right there, in the middle of class!

Recent aches and pains from working out have helped me draw the conclusion that after lifting weights for months and months, and not stretching, things are getting tight - like really tight.  My fear is that if I don't address the problem, I may regret it in coming years.  The last thing that I want is for my muscles to get so tight that they actually contract permanently and lose the ability to stretch and lengthen because I got lazy and stopped stretching in my mid 20's.  That was well over a decade ago for me, folks - Yikes! 

We get one body and it needs recovery and routine maintenance - especially as we get older (or so I am told by my trainer)!  :-) 

the 6-Pack Abs project (FINALLY!) 

Lately, I have been thinking about the women in my life that I admire very much from a standpoint of their drive, determination, intensity, and level of physical fitness.  These women dominate in their personal and athletic lives, and their passion for their health has always been awe-inspiring.  When I hone in on a couple of these ladies specifically, another thing that they have (that I have never had) are 6-pack abs.  Did I mention that both of these women are moms?  One was in her 40's when she had her son!  Anyway - it is my goal, with the help of local personal trainer Tim Skafidas, to train like I have never trained before, tone, and sculpt my middle so that I can finally have the 6-pack of my dreams.    

More details on The 6-Pack Project in the coming weeks.  I am going to document this adventure, and for those who want to become a part of The 6-Pack Project, I will post the exercises and dietary details for you to follow. 

If any readers out there have fitness goals for 2018 that we can help with, please feel free to message us or share here, below this blog, in the share section.  If you want to keep it private please email and we will help get you rolling at the gym in any way that we can. 

Happy New Year! 


new yoga matt crested butte gym fitness and exercise

PS- I am excited about my new yoga mat - I just retired my other after about 15+ years!  >


January 1st is an interesting and exciting time of year.  It really is the best time, in my opinion.  January is a time to reflect and feel grateful for the year past, and a time to look to the upcoming year and the upcoming accomplishments that will be achieved.

It's easy to sit back, and state a couple of 'New Year's resolutions' and then let the months pass, not really paying attention to the days passing you by.  This used to be my way each year.  Let me ask you this, isn't it more exciting to affirm exactly what you want to accomplish in the coming 12 months and then feel good about knowing that each day gets you closer to that goal?   Things will happen that you could not have imagined, and you find yourself paying attention to things that seem to be pulling you in a new direction.  The right direction!  Ever since my husband and I have started being strategic about goal setting, and keeping a journal, we have experienced a complete 180 to what we encountered our first couple of years as a couple. 

With much encouragement I suggest getting out that piece of paper and a pen and writing down exactly what you want to accomplish in 2017, and while you're at it, why not sketch out your 3 and 5 year plan?  Revisit this every week, or at least once a month.  What can you do to help yourself get to where you want to be?  If you've thought about keeping a planner to help hold yourself accountable (and you are not sure as to which one), The Inner Guide planner has been a game changer for me, and I will never consider anything else.  This is my second year using it and it has helped me in more ways than I could describe.

Here's a thought provoking question, and I hope that someone reads down this far and sees it (note: if this reaches only one person then it was worth taking the time to type this blog):


Come see us at at CB South Fitness if we can help you get to where you want in 2017.  We are all about helping our members achieve their personal health and fitness goals in this coming year and have some amazing partnerships and fun stuff in store.  I dare you to come and see for yourself.   


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