The Power of Leaving Reviews

Happy #burythebutte day! 

Lately, it has become more and more beneficial for me to pay attention, and read reviews on topics of interest.  Maybe it has something to do with being new to Crested Butte (so I'm scoping the options), or being a new business owner (who now has reviews on the brain), or having a limited number of options in the Gunnison Valley (making me more reliant on others to help guide the way).  Whether I am researching the best restaurant in town, the best parenting books to read, or the best doctor to bring my son to when he has been sick for several days, the reviews I am reading are making my decisions easier, and saving me time. 

For the record, I understand that too many reviews can do the opposite and cause information overload, while too few reviews can make it hard and have you wondering "Well if that doctor has been in business for 20 years, why has no one left a review!?".  Both of these situations can be problematic. 

For those that know me, I am not the type of person to complain online about something, and therefore I have never left a "bad" review.  Until recently, I had never actually left A review (just sat back and been the observer).  I do, however, tend to place far less importance on the "bad" stuff and focus on the good.  The reason why is that some people are really hard to please (maybe impossible?), had a terrible day on that particular day, may not be happy in general, and it affects their energy and almost everything coming in and out of their life on a daily basis.

 *Interesting Fact: Bad word of mouth travels twice as fast as good word of mouth (  Why as a society are we concerned and focused on hardships, and drama, instead of focusing on what is good and to be appreciated?  Why does the majority tend to talk about the negative over the positive happening around us?  I am still trying to understand. 

I end with this, when you have an awesome experience, jump on Google or Yelp and tell people about it!  We want to know, and you will be sending more positive energy to others interested in the same places, or in the same things (not to mention supporting your local businesses!).  In the last week I have asked several CB South Fitness members to leave the gym a review on Google or Yelp, and at the bottom of I am open to private email with suggestions on what we could do to make your experience as a member even better!  Small business owners really do care, and we are here to add value to the community, and to help.   

In the last couple of days I have left 3 reviews, and feeling good about documenting how these business, books, and Apps have positively impacted me and my family.  

I hope that you will do the same. :-) 


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yelp gym fitness workouts exercise strength and cardio routine open gym key card access convenient crested butte south colorado1.png