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CBH3 coming to Crested Butte South in June!

Greetings future CB "Hashers"! 

This afternoons post comes with a lot of excitement as a few Crested Buttians are putting together Hash House Harriers (H3) run club in Crested Butte South!   CBH3 will give the good people of Crested Butte one more excuse to get neighbors together....neighbors who like to run and be goofy, drink and be goofy, and have a jolly good time! 

CBH3 is open to everyone in the community so strap on your running shoes and join the pack! 

If you are not familiar with H3, never fear!  The following Wikipedia page does a great job of explaining.... 

In many areas considered a-drinking-club-with-a-running-problem, H3 first started in the 1930's and is all over the world, with some groups getting as big as a few thousand runners!  From themed runs to false trails, to inappropriate running names and knee high socks, no Hasher takes themselves seriously. 

What better way to unwind during the week and mingle with friends than to join the newest H3 group in Colorado! 

CBH3 has started a Facebook page, which will be the best resource for learning more about the dates and time of the runs.  We will soon be posting more information and ask that you click on the FB link right now and join our group!  For a direct link to the FB page click here

Have a laugh at a few of the logos from other H3 groups around the World!  More to come shortly!

Melbourne H3 running fitness and fun.jpg
Okinawa running fitness and fun.jpg
Silicone Valley H3 run get fit gym.png