the importance of exercise


Going to the gym, and getting regular exercise is important to some, but there are many who don’t take the time to go to the gym or get outside as often as they would like.  It’s important to remind ourselves that fitness and exercise are not something that we should decide on January 1st, and by January 31st have already put it on the back burner.  There are many reasons why exercise should be a part of our year-round routine, that coincidentally have nothing to do with the obvious reason - weight loss.

I came across this article, which is one of many that explains how getting outside for a hike, bike, or ski, or heading down to your local gym, can be the best thing you do for yourself in 2017! click here

1.     Exercise BOOSTS Brainpower

2.     Movement MELTS AWAY Stress

3.     Exercise Gives You ENERGY

4.     It’s Not That Hard To Find Time For FITNESS

5.     Fitness Can Help Build RELATIONSHIPS

6.     Exercise Helps WARD OFF Disease

7.     Fitness PUMPS UP Your Heart

8.     Exercise Lets You EAT MORE (personal favorite)

9.     Exercise BOOSTS Performance

10.  Weight Loss Is NOT the Most Important Goal

11.   Regular Exercise Helps You Sleep Better (a very important one to add)

Wishing Crested Buttians a year filled with Fitness, and Fun, and Friendly encounters, and we hope to see you soon!