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Why I love Personal Training

Hey there!  

I have been thinking a lot lately about our weekly group personal training sessions with Tim and my own personal transformation since I started group sessions in October 2017.  For those of us who have been going regularly, the results really are incredible!

I wanted to quickly share some of the reasons why I love working with a certified personal trainer:  

1) A personal trainer holds you accountable. You want to make the gym today but there are about 20 things that come up before you get out of work. Having a trainer to meet you there is a great way to hold yourself accountable and make sure you don’t bail on yourself.

2) A trainer will make sure that your workouts are in line to how you are feeling. If your energy is low, or you feel tired, tell your trainer and they will adjust the workout accordingly. Alternatively, if you are feeling awesome, they can really maximize the workout for and you will probably accomplish more than you might have done on your own. 

3) A trainer will ensure that your workouts never get stale. Are you sick of the same ole' thing every time you go to the gym? Well working with a personal trainer will take care of that and you will learn the proper form for each new exercise. Your workouts will be fresh and fun! 

4) A personal trainer will help you maximize your goals. We all have different things we want to accomplish in our gym workouts. Some people are recovering from an injury, others want to lose fat, some want to tone and build muscle, some want to increase their endurance or are training for an event. Working with a trainer you will get the right workout to match your exact fitness goals. If you are not into going to the gym 5 or 6 days a week this is an excellent way to maximize your 2-3 days at the gym and get exactly what you want out of your training.

5) A trainer won't push you to do anything you do not feel comfortable doing. Personal Trainers love and value their clients. They want you to be able to move the next day (and not be cursing them from soreness). They will structure the workout to your needs and not have you do anything that you do not feel comfortable with. They have your best interest at heart. 

6) A trainer knows about a lot more than just lifting weights. Do not underestimate the value of a person who has dedicated their life to fitness, wellness, and overall health. Many trainers know about topics like nutrition, preparing for competition, stretching and recovery tactics, proper diet, supplements, gut health, and so much more!

As for me, I’m not a personal trainer, and I’d never worked with one until we opened CB South Fitness in 2016. Over these last 10 or so months, I see more and more value in working with Tim Skafidas, and it’s so cool how each workout is structured to meet my specific fitness goals, and he helps me get the most out of the limited time I have to spend in the gym. It really has been a game changer in my personal health and fitness journey.

For those of you interested in joining our weekly group training sessions, they are open to the general public. This means that you do not need to be a member of the gym to check it out. If you are planning to attend training, please email ( or call (970.765.7009) to let us know you will be joining. The cost is reduced down to $30 per session and we meet weekly.

Thanks so much for reading. 

Kristin King  


Going to the gym, and getting regular exercise is important to some, but there are many who don’t take the time to go to the gym or get outside as often as they would like.  It’s important to remind ourselves that fitness and exercise are not something that we should decide on January 1st, and by January 31st have already put it on the back burner.  There are many reasons why exercise should be a part of our year-round routine, that coincidentally have nothing to do with the obvious reason - weight loss.

I came across this article, which is one of many that explains how getting outside for a hike, bike, or ski, or heading down to your local gym, can be the best thing you do for yourself in 2017! click here

1.     Exercise BOOSTS Brainpower

2.     Movement MELTS AWAY Stress

3.     Exercise Gives You ENERGY

4.     It’s Not That Hard To Find Time For FITNESS

5.     Fitness Can Help Build RELATIONSHIPS

6.     Exercise Helps WARD OFF Disease

7.     Fitness PUMPS UP Your Heart

8.     Exercise Lets You EAT MORE (personal favorite)

9.     Exercise BOOSTS Performance

10.  Weight Loss Is NOT the Most Important Goal

11.   Regular Exercise Helps You Sleep Better (a very important one to add)

Wishing Crested Buttians a year filled with Fitness, and Fun, and Friendly encounters, and we hope to see you soon!