What's Your Passion?

Greetings!  This week while at the gym I was thinking about Spring and Summer and how my favorite activities are right around the corner.  Running, hiking, and biking to name a few (hence the CB South Fitness logo).

I certainly recognize that this area has unlimited possibilities for adventure that far exceed these three.  That is what makes CB such an amazing place to live - we can be active in a hundred different ways and never get bored!

That being said, we have some members that have their favorite workouts nailed down to prepare them for Spring, and then there are others who are doing the same series of exercises they have been for the last several months...maybe the last several years.  

Part of what's exciting for me as a gym owner is that we are able to help our members strength train and condition for outdoor activities that define them at their best.  Targeted exercises at the gym can help an athlete avoid injury, boost endurance, and if all goes well - impress themselves on the trail! 

In the coming weeks we will post workouts for members interested in doing more targeted training, as it pertains to their outdoor play.   CB South Fitness wants to be THE place that you go to workout.  We have the equipment to get the job done, a convenient location, and awesome hours (open EVERYDAY, 5am- 10pm).  I will post new workouts here on the updates page as well as at the gym on the bulletin board.  Keep a lookout! 

ALSO - Run Club is coming together and we have a new Facebook page to kick it off!  Please join the public group for CBH3 if you are a runner, and like to have a good time.  More information to come but that doesn't mean you shouldn't join the group ASAP!

https://www.facebook.com/groups/918866528289422/?fref=ts )

For those interested in a personal trainer, individual or group setting, we have you covered.

We hope to be the place you train and to help you succeed in your passion!

See you at the gym. 


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