Week #1 of The 6-Pack (Abs) Project

Hello!  Kristin here, from CB South Fitness! 

I am not sure if you saw the last blog post, where I introduce one of my resolutions as setting the intention and goal to get 6-pack abs (that I have been dreaming about for the last 36 years), but if you haven't, it's happening, and my transformation officially started on January 16th. 

I'm feeling great after recovering from a cold last week, and ready to take on the world!  I've been researching foods to learn about their carb and sugar content, and the findings are interesting, not to mention sometimes the opposite of what I have originally thought!  I have an ab workout that I do every night on my new (awesome) yoga mat.  The first night of my ab workout I did 6-minute abs, and each evening I bump it up by 30 seconds or so.  

For those of you interested in learning a little bit about my "plan" to get a 6-pack, I have been recording journal entries along the way and am going to paste some of the content below.  These entries are focused on my journey, challenges, favorite healthy snacks, healthy recipes, and some random facts. 

In a few days I will post a seperate blog with exercises and ab workout details.  I hope that some readers will join me on this mission! 

1-16-18 (Day #1): The 6-Pack Project

I was on the fence about the perfect time to start "The 6-Pack (Abs) Project" when this morning, after discussing with a friend at the gym, she expressed interest in getting a 6-pack herself!  After we shared a few of the guidelines needed for us both to achieve such a monumentous thing as a 6-pack, we decided that we could actually help one another get through the tough times (like those times where I want to eat ice cream or stuff chocolate chips down my throat, or when my friend is ready to binge on some cookies or donuts)  No judgment now - everyone has a food weakness, right?!?! 

I came home after my workout thinking about when the perfect time would be to start the "6-Pack Project", and it hit me - that today should probably be the day!  I am more and more addicted to chocolate and sugar every time I eat it.  It’s a vicious cycle and it needs to stop! 

For those of you who know me, you probably know that I have a serious sweet tooth and it’s not really something I have ever done anything about.  Both my mom and dad's side of the family have one, so what’s the harm in a little dessert now and then, right??  This may seem funny, but my motto in recent years has been that “I workout so that I can eat like crap”... not exactly the words you would expect to hear coming out of a gym owners mouth....just sayin'. 

So here I am.  Day 1.  I haven’t met with Tim my trainer yet, and thats’s okay.  Small goals can still be set in place by me.  I am taking back control of my sugar addiction and it feels good

Goal #1 To not snack throughout the day

Goal #2 If I get hungry drink water or tea instead

Goal #3 (and the hardest by a long shot) Absolutely NO Chocolate!

Challenge #1- Pretty much as soon as lunch is done I am thinking about and wanting chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! 

Challenge #2 - What do I eat between meals, if I need to, that is healthy and within my new eating guidelines?  Fruit, peanut butter and celery, what else?  I will need to do some research. 

1-17-18 (Day #2): 6-Pack Project

This morning after dropping my son off at daycare, I was excited to hit up the grocery store.  I found this article with 25 healthy snacks and bought a lot of great stuff to try, including Kale chips, grapes to freeze, hummus, baby kale, veggies, apples, berries. 

I have had significantly less cravings today.  I am impressed and shocked by it actually.  Yesterday I probably thought about chocolate about 25-30 times, and today maybe 4.  I didn’t have to force myself out of the kitchen like yesterday.  I am beginning to feel more in control and less under the spell of sugar - YAY! 

I did have a few snacks today, including kale chips, pretzels, and hard boiled eggs. 

I have not cut the carbs out of my diet yet.  I will wean off of them in the next few days.  My trainer says small amounts of carbohydrates through the day, and to eat a more fat and protein based diet.  My body should have a really hard time with that - I LOVE CARBS! 

1-18-18 (Day #3): 6-Pack Project

My cravings for sugar are reduced greatly.  It’s weird to consciously have to try to not eat carbs. it does put into perspective how many I ate before starting the 6-Pack Project.  Pretty much, I was out of control!  

Abs every night!  If I am at the gym I do them at CB South Fitness, and if not then they are done at home in the evening on my yoga mat.  7 min abs/planks in various poses were done this evening.  My core is sore from training last night but I am powering through it! 

I skied for an hour and a half today and that was a blast!  It's a 20 minute drive to the parking lot at Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) and I can do a few runs and still have the day.  Man, I love this town! 

Favorite (new) snack - Sweet potato french fries made at home.  Melt coconut oil and some salt and pepper drizzled over the cut-up fries on a frying pan, and then hand toss to coat fries evenly. 30-40 min in the oven oat 400 degrees.

Challenge #1- Not being able to eat at night.  I did grab a handful of dried banana chips to get me by.  I find that if i keep myself far from the kitchen at night and go to bed early, its easier to not snack a bunch. 

1-19-18 (Day #4): 6-Pack Project

Low energy, feeling a bit sick.  Looking forward to resting tonight.  I had a half of panini today becuase I really wanted the panini.  I can’t believe that one slice of Oatnut bread has 19g of carbs!  That means that all of the sandwiches I have been eating had at least 38g of carbs in them - way more when paired with chips! YIKES! 

Favorite snack - Green apple with natural, low sodium PB

I’m making cauliflower fries for the first time tonight. yum! 

Goal #1- focus on eating less fruit and more veggies. 

1-20-18 (Day #5): 6-Pack Project

Cravings are much less, although I miss the ease of eating carbs.  My cold is almost past now and I am feeling better.  I can’t wait to go to the gym tomorrow!  Today I haven’t really had any carbs accept for a green apple and some dried fruit. Dinner will be salmon, caesar and cauliflower fries again. They were un-freaking-real last night! 

1-21-18 (Day #6): 6-Pack Project

I have actually started doing research on low carb foods now.  It’s pretty interesting.  For example, did you know a medium sized banana has 27 grams of carbs and 14 grams of sugar!? crazy!  I had no idea that it had so many carbs or so much sugar in a banana!  Meanwhile, fruit like strawberries have extremely low carbs and sugars and are on the safe list. 

Cutting out fruit is hard for me.  I love fruit and it quenches my sweet tooth cravings at times. 

Here is a great article I found about “safe” or "low carb" fruits and vegetables - https://www.healthline.com/health/food-nutrition/low-carb-fruits-and-vegetables#low--carb-vegetables

Interesting Fact:  Wine has very low carbs.  Red and white wine has about 3.8 grams of carbs and about 1 gram of sugar.  Which made it a treat to have a couple glasses of red last night (no judgements now - it was a Saturday evening!). 

Chicken and veggie stir-fry tonight for dinner with a little bit of quinoa.  So good and so easy!  It was one of our best yet! 

1-22-18 (Day #7): 6-Pack Project

Today was great.  Back to the grocery store to stock up on more healthy goodies (see healthy veggies photo).  I did have another half a panini today for lunch with low carb pumpkin chipotle soup that I made.  The soup is unreal and took about 20 minutes to whip up!  It is so unreal that I will share the recipe with you all - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/317081630007130353/ 

Looking forward to what week #2 of the 6-Pack Project brings!  Bon ap·pé·tit!