Week #8 6-Pack (Abs) Project 


I am typing my blog this time around from the plane, as my son Keiran and I are on a flight to Tampa to see my parents and grandparents.  I’m recalling the last week or so of the #6packproject, my diet, the Primal Blueprint, what’s new and worth reporting, and wondering exactly how to structure this weeks blog. 

There’s been so much going on with my son being sick this last week, and I’ve been holding my breath as this day has approached, in anticipation of him being well enough to actually travel.  As it turns out, and after a last minute doctors appt yesterday, he is well enough for he and I to head the the sunshine state - hooray! 

Week 8 highlights: 

Snowboarding with hubby!  A few days ago, Andy and I went snowboarding for the first time this season, and although there was no fresh snow, it was still a ton of fun!  I have only snowboarded a handful of times in the last four years, and when we moved to Crested Butte in 2016, I converted back to skiing (after not having skied in 20 years!).  I always have a blast on my board and its a bit nostalgic for me remembering how Andy taught me when we first met almost 9 years ago.  Anyway, let me snap back to reality, and I hope to get on my board again this season! 

Intermittent Fasting.  As a way of accelerating my plan to go keto and start burning fat faster, I have been skipping my normal 7 am breakfasts and stretching my first meal out to between 10-12pm.  If you had asked me 2 months ago if I could skip breakfast, and still work out and feel great, I would have said “no freakin’ way!” but as the weeks have gone by on a high fat, moderate protein, and low-carb diet and in recent weeks, I don’t need to eat first thing in the morning.  When I wake I have 1-2 cups of decaf coffee (my body can’t handle caffeine the way normal peoples can), that will satisfy me until my first meal. If you are interested in reading the benefits of intermittent fasting I suggest checking out this article - https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/10-health-benefits-of-intermittent-fasting.

Not missing the sweet stuff.  My cravings for naughty foods have dissipated.  I cannot tell you how much my thoughts always revolved around chocolate and sweets!  I have the occasional chocolate craving but they are far more tamable then in the past.  However said, I have had some chocolatey goodness in the last several weeks.  I still love to make this healthy brownie recipe that I posted in an earlier blog (http://www.sheknows.com/food-and-recipes/articles/1075205/low-carb-gooey-skillet-brownie-for-two).  I use Stevia as the sweeter to replace regular sugar, and coconut oil when I am not eating dairy.  The bonus is there are some great benefits to dark chocolate or 100% unsweetened cacao used for cooking.  This means no feeling guilty about eating some almond flour based brownie here and there!  https://draxe.com/benefits-of-dark-chocolate/

The learning curve.  I'm still learning so much about the Primal Blueprint, managing the Keto diet, and understanding labels on food.  I buy our food and prep on Sunday for the week ahead (I probably spend about twice as much time in the kitchen as before - and it's so worth it!).  I feel better then ever, my days are not consumed with figuring out the next meal, and I'm benefiting in more than just weight loss, but in my overall health.  The extra bonus is that my workouts get better each week! 

To learn more about the Primal Blueprint and 21-day reboot check out this resource with tons of great content to sum it up! https://www.marksdailyapple.com/the-primal-blueprint-21-day-challenge/

Week 8 challenges: 

Child sickness.  Having a sick toddler in the house will rock your world for several days.  They are home from school but super uncomfortable, they don’t eat, they cry most of the night, have a hard time telling you exactly what’s going on, and there is little you can do to help, other than be there to console them.  Our son is normally the happiest most enthusiastic kid on the block, but when he is not feeling well, and mom is around, he becomes extra emotional and every word out of his mouth is a whine.  I have such a hard time dealing with whining!!  Am I alone in feeling this way?!  Probably not.  I am not sure how many readers have children, but it is hard to keep your sanity during times like these.  Your wants and needs are an afterthought and everything is about your little person and their needs.  I look forward to a couple days from now when we are in the clear and the kiddo is sleeping all night, acting himself again, and not needing regular doses of Motrin. 

Traveling on the #6 pack project.  Appropriate travel snacks, and food for this trip are all a concern.  Proper planning for meals when we arrive to spend time with my family.  My family is notorious for having cookies, ice cream in the house (wait - did somebody say ice cream cake?!), and I need to remember that I have the willpower now to not let my family wear me down and cheat on the project.  I have worked so hard to get here! 

Side note:  My husband, Andy, initiated a bet for neither of us to eat ice cream while I’m in Florida (he totally knows how my family rolls).  He is not with us on this trip, and I assumed with us leaving Crested Butte he would be eating M&M’s before too long and drinking beer every night.  Well I would be wrong!!  He plans to stick with the plan as well, and I'm so impressed!  He was totally appreciative when I made him the Keto grocery list to help him stay on track with his meals while we are away. 

Snacks I'm packing: 

-Hard boiled eggs

-A delicious trail mix that blows my mind and is Primal approved, including: 

-macadamia nuts (love these) 


-a light amount of dried cranberries

-slivered or whole almonds

-pumpkin seeds

-unsweetened coconut flakes 

-sunflower seeds

**Since I have been intermittent fasting, I really didn't need to eat on the plane until 12pm, and even then I wasn't so hungry that I was in rough shape.  Less snacks are needed for my body for fuel now and that makes it much easier! 


I think that it’s important to point out that before starting the #6packproject 8 weeks ago it was never my plan to do the ketogenic diet (changing how my body was programed before to burn glucose for fuel, to now burning fat and ketones instead).  So much has evolved since January 16th when I started the #6packproject.  My goal back then was to simply get 6-pack abs, to do something different and set a really challenging goal that I knew I could achieve with discipline and time.  I am very happy with the evolution of the CB South Fitness #6packproject and will have an even better appreciation for my washboard abs when I finally get there! 

Thanks for reading!