Welcome future CB South Fitness members!

I am going to be totally honest here, I have no idea what I am doing writing a blog. I actually never saw the point in all of this "blogging" nonsense....well that is, until recently. As time goes by I find more and more value in reading many of the thoughts and suggestions from strangers on the internet. Did I mention my favorite blogs are those on Pintrest? I owe tonights chicken pot pie to the latest find. Sooo good! Just sayin'. 

Let me open this up by saying thank you. Thank you for visiting us on www.cbsouthfitness.com, thank you for "liking" our Facebook page to help spread the word, thank you for being so welcoming to our family during our first few months in Crested Butte, and thank you for this amazing indian summer. Seriously, who would have thought we would see 70 degrees in mid-November?! 

Okay, to finally get to the point, here is what we hope to accomplish from this News & Media page. This page will be a way to stay on top of workout routines, gym news, videos, and the occasional "healthy" recipe (I can't help myself...I love food!). Really the sky's the limit, so it can be whatever members want to see. If you have suggestions for posts, let us know. Please email playhard@cbsouthfitness.com with your suggestions. In addition to hearing from me, Kristin King, there will be content from fitness and athletic professionals (being the new girl on the block, I ask that you please approach me to introduce yourself). If this News & Media page is not interesting after a few months it can go away just as easy. But lets make it relevant! 

Soon to come, the CB South Fitness video! And no, this is not a Richard Simmons workout routine. It's a time-lapse recap of the last several weeks and what has gone on at 310 Elcho Ave unit #1. We hope that after watching the video that each member feels a bit of pride in being a key part in making CB South Fitness the best gym in the Gunnison Valley!