What's Your Mindset?

I want to open up this blog by saying that everything, whether it be good or bad, is about our mindset, and that includes how we feel in the gym. 

I used to hate working out… I mean, I was really intimidated by weights and only did it seasonally to get ready for the summer. I felt insecure - like I only knew how to do bicep curls and tricep dips and then stuff involving a floor mat and medicine ball. I would run 1 mile on a treadmill, and be so happy when it was over. Needless to say, my workouts have come a long way in the last decade.

Once a friend gave me some direction around the gym in my 20’s, I realized being in shape wasn’t just for one season of the year, but a way to live a happy and healthy life, ALL OF THE TIME. Now I look forward to my workouts! I love seeing results week after week, and month after month. I feel strong, am in "summer shape" 365 days a year, and the boost in confidence is something I do not get anywhere else! Now when i’m on the trail, whether it’s hiking, biking or running, I feel the difference in the power in my legs and overall strength that I haven’t ever felt before.  

I have had a few people tell me recently that they HATE working out in the gym. HATE?!?! Are you SURE??? Here is how I feel about that. If you think you hate it, you will hate it. Point in case. I used to be a part of that club myself. If you want to see results and stay strong for the long term then I suggest giving it a chance. You might be happy that you did. I know that I am. 

For those reading who want to learn more about lifting weights, toning muscles, and feeling stronger and confident in your body, please contact CB South Fitness and lets get you working out on a regular basis. You have the opportunity to start achieving your fitness goals NOW! The first step is making the decision to JUST DO IT, and WE CAN HELP you with the rest. Please call us today 970.765.7009 or go to our website to learn more about the gym, including CB South Fitness' Summer Membership Specials (www.CBSOUTHFITNESS.com). 

We hope to hear from you soon! 

-Kristin King

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Peloton Bike Ride

Peloton Bike Ride

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