Hello all - 

It's exciting to think about 2018!  January is a fresh start to the new year - a way to say farewell to the things that were not working or serving us in the past 12 months, and hello to the positive and healthy things we intend to incorporate going forward. 

I am looking forward to the year ahead and wanted to share a couple of the things high on my priority list.  Before that, lets look at the definition of the word "resolution". 



a firm decision to do or not to do something.

synonyms: intention, resolve, decision, intent, aim, plan; More

New Year - New Me

Instead of resolving to "go to the gym 6-days a week", which doesn't add much value to me because of the 3-4 days that I go already, I am setting a couple of fitness goals that I know will be of benefit to me but also will be challenging enough to make a big impact on how I feel mentally, physically and emotionally. 

YOGA One Time Per Week

I'm very excited about this resolution because yoga and I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship, and I know that I need it in my life.  I love going to yoga, because afterward I feel centered, calm, refreshed and stretched - both physically and mentally.  And then there's the pain.  You know, the kind you get when doing pigeon pose?  That one makes me feel like I could very well black out, right there, in the middle of class!

Recent aches and pains from working out have helped me draw the conclusion that after lifting weights for months and months, and not stretching, things are getting tight - like really tight.  My fear is that if I don't address the problem, I may regret it in coming years.  The last thing that I want is for my muscles to get so tight that they actually contract permanently and lose the ability to stretch and lengthen because I got lazy and stopped stretching in my mid 20's.  That was well over a decade ago for me, folks - Yikes! 

We get one body and it needs recovery and routine maintenance - especially as we get older (or so I am told by my trainer)!  :-) 

the 6-Pack Abs project (FINALLY!) 

Lately, I have been thinking about the women in my life that I admire very much from a standpoint of their drive, determination, intensity, and level of physical fitness.  These women dominate in their personal and athletic lives, and their passion for their health has always been awe-inspiring.  When I hone in on a couple of these ladies specifically, another thing that they have (that I have never had) are 6-pack abs.  Did I mention that both of these women are moms?  One was in her 40's when she had her son!  Anyway - it is my goal, with the help of local personal trainer Tim Skafidas, to train like I have never trained before, tone, and sculpt my middle so that I can finally have the 6-pack of my dreams.    

More details on The 6-Pack Project in the coming weeks.  I am going to document this adventure, and for those who want to become a part of The 6-Pack Project, I will post the exercises and dietary details for you to follow. 

If any readers out there have fitness goals for 2018 that we can help with, please feel free to message us or share here, below this blog, in the share section.  If you want to keep it private please email and we will help get you rolling at the gym in any way that we can. 

Happy New Year! 


new yoga matt crested butte gym fitness and exercise

PS- I am excited about my new yoga mat - I just retired my other after about 15+ years!  >

Cooper Ott : 2018 Goals

It hasn’t quite sunk in that it is 2018 yet, I am still having to cross out out 2017 just about every time I write the date, but I will figure it out eventually. The past year FLEW by and I am so excited for 2018! I have been putting in time at the gym, skiing, and even down at Hartman Rocks on my mountain bike. As I wait patiently for big snow to fly I have taken some time to set a few personal goals for myself in 2018 and reflect on the goals I set in 2017.  

2017 Goals

Goal 1: Improve my wheelie. I am happy to say that I was able to improve significantly on my wheelies.  Wheelies may not be the most useful skill on a bike but man are they fun! I like to argue that they help with overall balance and coordination.  

Goal 2: Compete for a series overall result in both the Scott Enduro Cup, and the Big Mountain Enduro Series. When I planned out my schedule at the beginning of last year, I didn’t account for things such as mechanicals and sickness. Luckily, I was able to adjust my schedule and still land a podium spot in both series! I would like to do the same in 2018, maybe minus the mechanicals and sickness. 

2018 Goals

Alright enough about 2017 that was soooo last year. For 2018 I will continue to perfect my wheelies and go for overall series results in both the Scott Enduro Cup, and the Big Mountain Enduro Series again but will also add 2 more new goals.  

Goal 1: Keep up with my gym routine. Having CB South Fitness to go to this fall has opened my eyes to how much of a difference adding a little strength training to my life it can make. I find myself spending my free time at the gym instead of on the couch. I can’t wait to see how it translates onto the bike!

Goal 2: Go on more all day adventure rides. There is nothing quite like the feeling of rolling back into the driveway after an all day adventure by bike. When you are exhausted, hungry, and smiling from ear to ear replaying the day in the mountains. One of the best parts about Crested Butte is the endless amount of adventure. The most important thing to remember about an adventure ride is that there might be some really challenging times, like a steep climb, or maybe a crash (see picture below), but it is all worth it in the end. You gotta keep your chin up and keep chuggin!

Goal 2.5: Document these adventures! I want to take the time to stop and snap a photo. Being able to look back on the adventure and smile and laugh at the awesome time we had that day is part of the fun!

Wrap up

I am super excited to see what 2018 brings! I can’t wait to see how the time I have spent in the gym working on my strength, coordination, and endurance translates into my Enduro races! My goal of going on more adventure rides leads to more amazing memories with my husband, and our friends, while taking advantage of the beautiful country that we live in. I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to travel around the country exploring new places, riding new trails, and making new friends.

Well that's all for now - I hope to see you at the gym or out on the trails!  

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Cooper Ott - Waiting for Snow!

Waiting for Snow

Well, it is the middle of December and we are still waiting for the snow to come.  When December arrived without snow I will admit I was bummed.  I still am.  Looking back on pictures from previous years from this time, of skiing 9” of fresh pow it is hard not to be a little bummed.  Unfortunately you cannot control weather.  Instead of moping around (like I did the first few days of “ski season”), I have decided to make the most of it and take advantage of the sunshine.  I am so thankful that Hartman Rocks is open for riding bikes, the resort is open although the coverage is thin, and CB South Fitness is open as well!  I may not be skiing pow in the backcountry, or on the resort for that matter but, there are plenty of other things to do and to get ready for when the snow flies.   

Even though I would rather be brushing snow off my car, or drifting through fresh snow on my bike all the way to the bus stop, I am making the most of the beautiful days.  This is a great time to ski the resort and work on technique, and break in my new Dalbello boots!  I have also been spending more and more time at the gym.  Kristin, the owner of the gym, does a great job of putting up fun workouts on the bulletin board.  The latest is a U.S ski team workout!  A perfect way to get your body ready for ski season!  

What was exciting for me, was this workout really brought back High School Ski team memories.  We used to do lateral box jumps for 60 seconds on the 12” box and our goal was 60 jumps. Although I used to do it like it was my day job, I have some work to do before I am back to hitting those numbers!

Winter 2018 goal: 60 jumps in 60 seconds on the 12” box

Another awesome exercise on the list was weighted single leg box squats.  This is where you are doing single leg squats down to the box, and then back up to standing position.  I was super surprised that this was much easier with my left leg than my right leg.  I am right hand dominant and also more comfortable right foot forward on the bike so I thought that it would be the other way around.  I guess with no snow, I have the time and ability to perfect both sides!

It is not always easy to make lemonade out of lemons, but it is usually worth the effort, and I am getting stronger and toning with each gym session.  Okay, off the computer for me and time to get out and enjoy these mild days before Mother Nature buries us in a thick white blanket!  

After doing the US Ski Team workout posted at the gym!  

After doing the US Ski Team workout posted at the gym!  

Ski Workouts for Hitting the Slopes this Winter!

Howdy and good morning! 

As we patiently await the big snow storms allowing us to hit the ski slopes with the enthusiasm and gusto of the US Ski Team, it's exciting to think that we can be training like they do in these weeks leading up to prime ski season.  The exercises below are on the US Ski Team's 'ski training essentials' list.  It's time to get moving!

Exercise #1: Band Walks

Mini-band walks target the gluteus medius and stabilizing muscles of the hips. This exercise is extremely important to skiers for proper landing technique and jump mechanics on the mountain.

To complete this exercise successfully, start with a mini-band wrapped around your ankles. Stay low in a quarter-squat position, turn your knees out and take a big sideways step followed by a halfway step with the other foot. Start with two sets of 15 steps in each direction for this exercise.

Exercise #2: Back Extension

Most athletes think of their “core” as their six-pack abdominal muscles. However, it is important to incorporate training for the glutes and lower back when you are working your core. Start with three sets of 8-10 reps.

Exercises #3: DB Row 

Start with three sets of 6 reps with medium to heavy dumbbells. 

Exercise #4: Weighted Box squats 

Weighted Single Leg Box Squats are a phenomenal exercise and ski workout to develop explosive strength and dynamic balance during the preseason. This routine requires heavy use of the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and core. This a great exercise for skiing because it requires eccentric strength (lengthening of the muscle while contracting) on the way down and good balance and control coming up.  On one leg, slowly lower yourself down to the box. It's important when doing this lift that your knee doesn't cave in toward the mid-line of your body. Focus on keeping your head up, chest out and pushing through your heels. Pay particular attention to pushing with your glute. Start with three sets of eight repetitions per leg for this exercise.

*This also is a great exercise when using the stability ball.

Exercise #5: Squat Jumps

Training for performance is the key to building a strong, muscular, and athletic physique. Training jumps will improve explosive hip extension which is a foundation of athletic movement.

Exercise #6: Lateral Box Jumps

Lateral Box Jumps are a great preseason exercise and ski workout that the US Ski Team do to work on explosion in the moguls. 

These exercises were taken from -

If you have questions about these exercises please do not hesitate to let us know.  

See you on the slopes! 

Kristin & Andy King 

back extensions gym workouts fitness exercise.jpg

Back Extension (above) & Reverse Back Extension (variation below) 

30-best-back-exercises-reverse-back-extension crested butte gym.jpg
Dumbbell-Row gym exercises crested butte gym.jpg

Dumbbell Row (above)

one leg weighted box squats crested gym .jpg

Weighted One-Legged Box Squats (Above) *This also is great using the stability ball.

Latearl-Box-Jumps- gym exercises.png

Lateral Box Jumps (Above) 

Work with Personal Trainer (and achieve your fitness goals as soon as possible)!

Hello everyone (members and non)! 

We wanted to bring you up to speed that effective immediately we have a new personal trainer option joining forces with CB South Fitness.  If you are wondering what is great about personal training, I will tell you.  Certified Personal Trainers are qualified, and expereinced fitness professionals, that will help put together the most efficient and effective workout for their clients.  These workouts are based on specific concerns or fitness goals that the client shares with their personal trainer, and from there a fitness plan is built to help the client hit those goals.  If you are interested in exploring this option, and want to add some variety to your gym workouts, please keep reading. :) 


Eric has been in Crested Butte for a few years now and has a degree from Castleton University (VT) in Exercise Science.  He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). 

Eric's passion is helping others achieve their athletic performance goals and live a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life.

His experience includes being a Division 1 Athletic Performance Coach at Baylor University and Western Carolina University, a strength and conditioning coach working with Olympic Figure Skaters, USA Bobsled, Colorado Springs S.W.A.T team, ARMY 10th Group Special Forces, High School Athletes, Colorado College Hockey Team, and more.

Eric looks forward to working with the Crested Butte community and formulating a program that works for each individuals concerns, or fitness goals.

If you are interested in a free consultation with Eric, or want to inquire on the cost for training, please email or call 970-765-7009, and we will put you in touch with him directly.  

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Cooper Ott - Shredcation in Moab!

Thankful on Thanksgiving - Moab Adventures! 

Hello all!  Phew!  It has been a busy November!  One of my favorite parts about living in Crested Butte is how close we are to so many awesome places.  For some, vacation means relaxing, reading a book, taking extra naps, and being happy doing nothing.  My idea of vacation is a little different. It usually includes riding as much as possible, falling asleep before 9 o’clock, and skipping rest days.  As my friend Brian would say,”party on”!  For those of you not familiar, or just starting to follow this blog, I am a professional Enduro mountain bike racer, who recently joined CB South Fitness to help me stay in great shape during the off-season. 

At the beginning of November, my husband Phil and I decided to take a little vacation to Moab to meet up with friends and ride mountain bikes and dirtbikes.  The last few trips to Moab have been for Enduro races so it was nice to go without an agenda.  Well, except for riding the Whole Enchilada!  For those of you who have not been to Moab, or have not yet ridden the Whole Enchilada, it is incredible.  More about that later.  

After a pit stop in Grand Junction to ride the Lunch Loops, we arrived in Moab late Wednesday night.  Luckily setting up camp is a breeze with the camper so we were able to sit back and relax.  The next morning we woke up, made an awesome breakfast and got ready for a day of dirt biking.  This year was my first year riding my moto on singletrack and WOW, is it a workout!  Moving the 230 pound dirt bike is much different that my 30 pound mountain bike!  Good thing it has a throttle and I don’t have to pedal it!  This past summer I was getting tired after about 3 hours of singletrack because of how much strength it requires.  Since then I have been working on upper body strength at the gym, so I was excited to see how it translated onto the moto.

Riding new trails is always a little intimidating to me.  Not knowing what is coming up next, and wondering if my skills are up to par for the trail.  Luckily, I was with Phil and our friend Austin who are both experienced moto riders, so if I got in a pickle they could help me out.  We spent the day exploring new trails, eating snacks, and laughing at my poor line choices.  Five hours later we were back at the camper, and I was tired!  We were sitting down having a snack when it dawned on me that I had made it 5 hours - my longest moto ride to date!  Yes - those gym hours must be paying off!

Friday morning came quickly and we were up and at em’ early to make the 9 o’clock shuttle at Moab Cyclery for the Whole Enchilada!  We were so excited to still be able to do this ride so late in the year!  The ride starts at about 11,000 ft up in the La Sal mountains, and drops you 28 miles down to the Colorado river.  That is about 8,000 ft of downhill shredding!  After the big moto ride the previous day, it took my muscles a bit to warm up.  We had a blast flying down through the trees of Burro Pass, the open dust of Hazard, the rocky roller coaster of Upper Porcupine Singletrack, and the final techy ledges of Lower Porcupine Single track.  So.Much.Fun.  Although this ride is mostly downhill it is deceivingly tiring.  The single track is techy so you have to be on your game.  The high speed drops, and chunky singletrack make for an unforgettable day.  By the end my body was yelling at me, I think it was telling me it was ready for a Milts chocolate malt.  Needless to say I was in bed early that night.  

We took some video on a section of Porcupine Rim during the Whole Enchilada ride, if you want to check it out!

After another two days of moto and mountain biking, which included trails like Portal Run, Bull Run, and Blue Dot, we headed back to Colorado with permanent smiles on our faces, and exhausted bodies. 

Seriously, as far as I am concerned, there is nothing better than a shredcation!

cooper dirtbiking

cooper and phil

A Day In The Gym - Cooper Ott, Enduro Mtn Biker

Hello everyone! It’s Cooper Ott again!  For those of you not familiar, or just starting to follow this blog, I am a professional Enduro mountain bike racer and recently started working out at CB South Fitness, as a way to stay in shape year-round.  

Kristin, the owner of the gym, and I met up for a weightlifting session early this month and it was so much fun! Not only was it awesome to have a friend to work out with, Kristin also taught me some new exercises. Here are three of my new favorites!

Warm Up

We started with a 10 minute warm up, Kristin on the Stair Master and myself on the Peloton bike. A 5-10 min warm is crucial for the obvious reason - to get things lose and “warmed up” before lifting weights! It’s also imperative from the standpoint of preventing injury. 

After the warm up we got down to business. The goal for the day was a full body workout, targeting weaknesses I had mentioned to Kristin, and working on overall strength. 

Box Squats

I am new to the world of squats. Squats use your biggest muscle groups and so we started there. They are a full-body fitness staple that work the hips, glutes, quads, and hamstrings, while strengthening the core as well. I say - bring it on! Box squats specifically, are great for beginners because you use the box to guide your form, and keep the depth of each squat consistent.  You have the ability to adjust the box height to whatever height you desire based on comfort, experience, and athleticism.

Unlike the banded jumping jacks (which I talk about later), mountain biking uses the same muscle groups as box squats. I immediately think about having to power up techy climbs, like the final moves on Teo Ridge. Not only is the climbing on Teo aerobically challenging, the final power moves to get over the ledgy rock and roots make it a full body workout.  Box squats will keep my legs strong for blasting through moguls on the mountain and ready to go for those techy mountain bike climbs next spring! 

Seated Rows

I struggle with upper body strength, and I will be the first one to admit it. I came from an XC mountain biking background where I relied mostly on aerobic fitness. I made the switch to Enduro which requires much more upper body strength and I noticed the deficit almost immediately. Over the season I improved my upper body strength slightly but adding exercises like rows into my workouts will help me build these muscles even more!

Banded Jumping Jacks

Cycling does not require much side to side motion of your lower body, and as a result my hips and glutes are really strong forward and back, but not side to side.  The banded jumping jacks really highlight my weakness in this area.  After only 15 jumps my glutes were on FIRE!  I am excited to add these into my workout!

One of my goals is to create a good fitness routine that I am able to keep up with even when the race season starts up again.  It’s important to keep my muscles strong in every season, not only to be a better rider, but also to help prevent injury in competition. I’m really looking forward to staying strong all year long and know that one workout at a time, I am getting there!  

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cooper exercise and fitness in crested butte gym
cooper rows fitness and exercise strength and cardio
cooper resistance band jumping jacks.JPG

The Benefits To Eating Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Last winter, Andy suffered from a pinched nerve in his C6/C7 vertebrae that compromised the second half of an amazing winter in Crested Butte.  He couldn't snowboard, snow blow the driveway, snowmobile, or go to the gym and lift weights.  So-called "normal things" like laying on his back in bed was impossible.  He had to sit in a certain position at his laptop so as not to stretch his vertebrae too much, and irritate the nerve.  It was so severe that two of his fingers on one hand went completely numb.  The injury was distracting, frustrating, and it was about 6 weeks before a solution was found.  

After seeing a local chiropractor in Crested Butte (who is amazing and I would suggest to everyone looking for a referral), Andy was instructed to take massive amounts of fish oil and also told to eat anti-imflammatory foods that would assist in the healing process.  Soon enough, and after a couple of days, he was feeling much better, and within a couple of weeks the issue went away completely! 

It's fascinating, and also concerning how food can help or harm how we feel on a daily basis. Although it's been months since Andy's recovery, this topic continues to be of interest.  Here is a great article on "food rules for the ultimate anti-inflammatory diet" that we want to share -

Happy Eating! 

Kristin King 

New Equipment @ CB South Fitness!

Welcome weekend! 

You may have noticed that recently I added new weight stack adaptor plates for the duel functional trainer, at the gym.  For members using the trainer (which may be known to some as the dual cable machine), you probably noticed that the weight increases by 13 lbs for each plate added.  Adding just a 5lb'er on there is a great way to slowly build up from one plate to the next, without overdoing it. 

Some of my favorite exercises at the gym involve the dual functional trainer.  To name a few of the exercises, I love doing tricep pull-downs, rows, lateral wood chops, and "stirring the pot" (to see what the exercise is click -  Adding a 5lb adaptor plate helps challenge me in a new way, and see faster results! 

If you are not familiar with the dual functional trainer, and want to be shown some exercises please let me know and I will meet you at the gym and get you set up.  We're here to help you get the most out of your gym membership so let us know how we can help!  970.765.7009 

Happy lifting!

Kristin King 

Kristin doing lateral wood chops using the dual functional trainer.    

Kristin doing lateral wood chops using the dual functional trainer. 


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dual functional trainer at cb south fitness gym exercise.JPG

Training and Nutrition

Are You Ready For Winter???

We are excited to offer and promote CB South Fitness group training each week, and a FREE nutrition discussion on 10/24 at 7:15pm, BOTH ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! 

Training is $30 per session and will focus on ski conditioning and strength & interval training.  Participants can join for just one training session or attend each week.  It's up to you! 

Please contact us for more information about either offering or about membership - 970.765.7009.




Officially Off Season!

Hi, I am Cooper Ott! I race professional enduro on the Trek/Honey Stinger/ Bontrager mountain bike team.  I spent my summer traveling to races in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and even British Columbia! 

This year my race season started at the beginning of May with a win at the Moab Enduro Cup and ended with a win at the Vail Outlier Enduro.  Although, the conditions could not have been more different.  Moab was warm and dry and Vail was cold and wet! The season had its ups and downs.  Suffering a flat tire at the first Big Mountain Enduro Series stop in Santa Fe, and catching a nasty bug just in time for the Whistler EWS were amongst the lows.  Winning the GoPro Games Vail enduro, and conquering my fears of drops were among the highs.  After a full season of bike racing it feels great to switch things up and incorporate gym workouts into my routine.  It is important to give my mind and body a rest from the bike but still be active.

Along with racing one of the highlights of my summer/fall was coaching for the Crested Butte Development Team.  This summer I got to coach an amazing group of middle school shredders and in the fall I switched gears and rode with the high school girls!  I am still in awe at some of the rides that these girls accomplished this year.  With rides like, Doctors Park, Deer Creek, and 401, the mountain biking world better watch out because these ladies shred!  

As I look outside my window and see the snow is piling up, I can’t help but think about skiseason.  I have recently started working out at CB South Fitness, and can already see a change in myself.  I may not see physical change in just two weeks… but I see a change in my mental attitude.  I am excited to switch up my routine of long trail rides to awesome gym workouts to keep me strong for skiing and fit and agile into the next mountain bike race season.  I am motivated to work on my weaknesses and continue to build on my strengths.

Now as a member of CB South Fitness, all I need to do is grab my back pack and bike two blocks over to the gym where I have a new workout and new exercises that will challenge me in a totally different way!  I am stoked! 

cooper racing mountain biking fitness exercise.JPG
cooper racing crested butte gym.JPG
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Work 'IN' to Workout

Greetings from snowy Crested Butte! 

This morning while my dog Athena and I were doing our favorite trail run loop - Caves up to Wallrod cut-off, back down to Cement Creek, it occurred to me just how much things have changed in the last couple of weeks since we were last up there.  The air is cold and humid, the leaves are vibrant yellow, and the trail has a nice layer of fallen leaves coating the ground.  I notice that the mountain tops all have snow on them while the gray sky is determined to shut out the sun out at all costs.  In this moment i'm thrilled that I thought to bring my rain shell as it protects me from the frigid breeze on this perfect Fall day. 

Fall - A Time for Change

The change of seasons does a couple of things; One, it gets us thinking about how we're going to get our next workout in when it's raining and snowing (and then raining some more), and two, it gets us thinking about the next season of fun at CBMR, winter ski passes and the majestic beauty of CB's iconic peaks in the wintertime. 

What's great about this time of year is that we can change our thought process - by thinking about working 'IN' to workout.  Fall forces us inside more than we like, but we still have the motivation and determination to want to stay in shape and feel good about the level of movement and activity we are getting.  Getting into the gym and doing cardio and strength training can not only help keep us in great running and biking shape during the off season, but it can also help condition us for skiing and snowboarding, as well as many other favorite winter sports. 

Thinking about working 'IN' the gym is fun!  If you do not agree or are a little bored with your typical exercises, check out the posters at the gym for new ideas, do some research online, or meet with a personal trainer at CB South Fitness who will create an awesome workout, and help you get maximum results for your favorite activities.

The Crested Butte Way 

I have had two new members come to me in the last week who want to workout in the gym to keep fit for biking during the off-season.  They love mountain biking more than anything, and they are already thinking about next season.  If I've had two people in a week approach me with the same goal in mind, I am willing to bet there are many more who think similarly.  Let CB South Fitness help the community stay strong year round so that we always feel confident in whatever our favorite sports may be!  

Check out our website for membership details, or click here - 

Photos from our run this morning. <3 

fall cb crested butte exercise fitness .jpg
crested butte gym in the exercise fall .jpg
crested butte gym fitness for life exercise.jpg

Enduro mtn bike racer and now gym girl - Cooper Ott

Hello! My name is Cooper Ott and I am a brand new CB South Fitness member!  I am beyond excited to be getting back in a gym! 

While I was in college I spent tons of time in the gym until I started racing mountain bikes. I was putting in hard training days on the bike and fell off the gym wagon.  Two years ago when I made the switch from XC mountain biking, to enduro mountain biking is when I really noticed that I had lost a lot of strength in my core and upper body.  I was crashing because I could not hold onto my handlebars at the end of the long stages because my arms were so exhausted.  I knew if I wanted to race with the best enduro racers in the country, and in the world I would need to work on my strength.   

Living in Crested Butte I found that it is super easy to go outside and play, whether it is skiing, biking, or hiking.  All of which are a crazy good leg and cardio workout but left me wanting more for my core and upper body.  This fall I am starting a new workout routine, still utilizing our beautiful area for outside activities, but incorporating gym workouts to keep my entire body fit. 

I hope that you will follow along for a look at what I am doing to stay full body fit!

-Cooper Ott

Cooper Ott training exercise and fitness crested butte
Cooper Ott squats exercise gym fitness routine upper body strength.jpg


It's been an awesome week at the gym and I have met some really cool new people (now gym members) who have recently joined our community here in Crested Butte.  It's such a treat to hear other peoples stories and how they came to arrive in CB.  I feel fortunate to meet those who share my appreciation for the quaint charm of this town and it's uniqueness from other mountain towns in Colorado.  


Normally I would not single out one of our members, but this is a special occasion and I am excited to share that this week Cooper Ott joined CB South Fitness!  Cooper is not just your average Michigan-girl-turned-CB-local.  Cooper races professional women's enduro mountain biking all over the U.S.!  Her race resume is unreal and her enthusiasm for life is inspiring.  Cooper is committed to staying fit and strong year round so that she can gain a competitive advantage next year when she races. 


Cooper has agreed to write the occasional blog about racing enduro, skiing, and how strength training will be an important benefactor to her performance on the trails.  We could not be more excited about the progression of Cooper's weight/strength training journey.  And she's stocked to try out the Peloton bike as well! 

For those of you interested in reading a little more right now, here is an article from CB News that was published this summer -

Welcome Cooper! 

bearshadow cooper ott mountain biking enduro exercise fitness.JPG


Good evening, 

It's exciting to finally be able to share that CB South Fitness will be implementing group personal training sessions into our member offering.  I have been wanting to do this for months and what an awesome to get in shape ahead of winter, and stay strong year round!   


Local Personal Trainer, Tim Skafidas, will be leading the storm.  Tim has a great reputation in Crested Butte and over 20 years of training experience.  


Fitness training will start on Tuesday evenings at 6:30PM for one hour.  The first training will be held on 9.19.17 at CB South Fitness at 412 Elk Ave in Crested Butte South.  Trainings will be weekly on Tuesday evenings through the Fall. 


One of our goals as a new fitness center is to continue to add more value for members, and get them in the best shape possible for their favorite activities.  Training and weights are an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing injury in this highly active community.  


Training costs are reduced SIGNIFICANTLY by working out in a group.  JUST $30 PER SESSION!  Join us if you have been tossing the idea around of joining a gym and get these reduced rates for yourself as well!  You need to joint the gym ahead of training so please refer to the membership options on and join online or call today (970.765.7009). 

Email or call to let Kristin know if you plan to join weekly trainings so that we have you on the list ahead of time -


New info on

Greetings members and future members alike! 

We just completed a bunch of updates on the website and we're pumped to head into Fall with some great new benefits for members.  We are now offering a new 3-Month Unlimited Access Membership for $70 per month!  We also are offering group training with a certified personal trainer for just $25 per session!  Please contact us at 970.765.7009 for more info on our fitness center, or to coordinate a time to take a tour.  It's also easy to join on the website by clicking the "Join" button in the upper right hand corner.  

Lastly, we have a new survey at the gym for members to complete starting on 9/1/17.  We'd like to hear how we can add more value for those using the gym so please take a moment to fill it out! 

Happy Labor Day! 

Your Fitness Starts Here

Happy Monday! 

I wanted to post this weeks Open Door Gym Hours in a blog for everyone to see the times we will be at the gym with the door propped open where you can swing by and see the facility as well as ask questions about memberships and summer specials. 

Please contact Kristin if you need to set an alternative time at 970-765-7009 or 




We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you achieve your personal fitness goals! 


Flies, Flies, Flies! - Come by for Open Door Gym Hours this Week!

With so much fly action outside right now, why not give yourself an insanity break and stop by CB South Fitness?  Open Door Gym Hours are the BEST way to see the inside of our fitness center, check out gym equipment and have all of your questions answered.  If our posted hours do not work with your schedule, please call 970-765-7009 and we can set another time to meet at the gym. 

Open Door Gym Hours this Week:




*This Thursday's Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours is open to the public. This is not a time to workout but a time to see the gym, enjoy free food/drinks, laugh at the emcee, and meet some awesome people and business owners in our community!  Please call if you have any questions about this event or just swing by 310 Elcho Ave!